Libyan Rebels Attack Final Gadaffi Strongholds

An anti-Qaddafi fighter wears an animal skin as he advances towards Sirte, on September 26, 2011. (Reuters/Esam Al-Fetori)

Some really epic pics in this photo set of rockets in mid flight, piles of rifles, a guy on crutches firing a RPG, patina AKs etc..

Check out all 40 at the Atlantic – HERE


6 responses to “Libyan Rebels Attack Final Gadaffi Strongholds”

  1. that chinook looks nicer than the ones i work on!!!

  2. One thing I noticed was that they finally got rid of that ugly/uninspired solid green rectangle that some poor moron decided to call a flag, and replaced it with a much trendier looking three horizontal bars and crescent moon. Does it condone an Islamist state? Probably. Is it an aesthetic improvement? Hell yes, and that’s all I care about.

  3. Dillankid Avatar

    In the background on picture 9, what is the gun on the right? I can’t make it out but it isn’t an AK…

    1. I’m pretty sure its a Beretta M12 with the folding stock extended (someone correct me if I’m wrong)
      Mainly because of the distinct shape of its grips

  4. I guess even Libya has furries…

    1. And now we have a legitimate reason to invade: KILL THE FURRIES.