Where’s The Little Girl?

Police gonna police.  This is probably something that dickhole cop in Canton, OH who’s always in the news would do for fun… but it would include a lot more verbal death threats.

Hat tip: Raeshawn


14 responses to “Where’s The Little Girl?”

  1. Not funny.

  2. lame. if a cop has to rack the slide even after he’s drawn and aimed his weapon, that’s an epic fail on his part.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      haha yea I forgot to put that in my post. Epic FAIL is right!

    2. Crunkleross Avatar

      Satire perhaps?

    3. come on really? they drive off shooting out the windows and your bothered by the fact that the cops in the joke video had to rack the slide? laugh once in a while it wont hurt ya

      1. I’m bothered by the fact that all the officers that have patches on their shoulders have upside down sergeant chevrons taped to them, while the (at least) one officer without shoulder patches has sergeant chevrons sewn on his uniform correctly.

        1. Exactly! I’m sure that departments uniform policy was violated in the making of this video. They should all be fired and then sued. When all the up tight people are done bitching about this video maybe they should start a class action lawsuit against Tracy Morgan ot Kat Williams. ugh

  3. I chuckled

  4. I think the saddest part of this entire clip is my brain honestly did not know whether ‘Fiction’ was the appropriate label for it or not after I watched it.

  5. christian Avatar

    despite all the technical errors it was a slightly amusing video. would totally suck though to be in the situation of being accused by the police of doing something u hadn’t

  6. Theblackknight Avatar

    I like it, it’s a jab at pussy NPR listeners!

    1. What’s wrong with NPR? I listen to NPR sometimes on the weekends… Car Talk – good stuff. Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me – funny. This American Life – I love it. Besides, I’d prefer to hear people talking rather than most of the music being played on the radio today.

      1. I second Josh’s recommendation; and also enjoy NPR sometimes.

        That being said, there’s definitely a “type” of NPR listener. Maybe you don’t get them out in the countryside, but in the city, you certainly can spot them. If anything, it’s because of the tote bags they’re carrying to their local Whole Foods.

  7. SacredEarth Avatar

    NOW , this was FUNNY as HELL !!!!!!!!!!!!