Water Gun Warfare

The color correction, Hawaiian shirt, and tweed jacket give it kinda a retro Scarface feel. 

From the guys that brought us Beatbox Gunfight.


14 responses to “Water Gun Warfare”

  1. ya know it’s not that the video is really lame. It’s just a huge loss that they actually bought all those water guns to make a lame video.

  2. At least they got that whale back into the water before it died…

    oh, wait…..

    1. That’s funnier than the video itself! lol

  3. Would have been better if at the end he pulled the green gun out of an ankle holster, and after he shot him, before he fell into the pool, he should have rolled over to his other gun and taken the kill shot with it.

  4. Well, at least these kids know the value of a good, concealable BUG…

  5. That was fun. Lots of juvenile fun. Sure, the voices were kinda stupid, but other than that, it was kinda cool.

    Done silently, the video would have been much better.

  6. Will this blog refund the 4 minutes of my life I wasted watching that video?

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      My friend in Nigeria will write you a check for $250,000 for your trouble. All I ask is at the same he hands over the check, you give him $5,000 cash to cover processing fees.

    2. Ditto!

  7. Theblackknight Avatar


  8. They should have gotten their hands on some real 90’s supersoakers like the CPS2000, not the crap they are selling nowadays

    1. That one guy Avatar
      That one guy

      The originals that cost like 100 bucks and could tear off retinas when aimed at your friends eyes.

      1. I had a cps2000 & the backpack model (they banned both) as well as a crapload of standard soakers. When I came back from collegeI found out my parents sold them at a garage sale for close to nothing.

  9. I want that water bazooka. Not because I really get into water gun fights any more, which is kind of sad, but because it is a freaking water bazooka.