Captain Planet’s Tree Beam Of Death

Don Cheadle shows his versatility as an actor:

You heard the man; Do NOT summon Captain Planet unless you’re ready for that pain.

I remember watching that show as a kid.  I was more into other cartoons though that didn’t try to shove environmental propaganda down my throat though.

Is that tree beam a NFA item?

Hat tip: Bryan


8 responses to “Captain Planet’s Tree Beam Of Death”

  1. Don Cheadle is quickly replacing Wesley Snipes as the most awesome black man on my personal list, simply cause he’s willing to do awesome stuff like this. If you want to see more, heres a clip of him as Frederick Douglas alongside Will Ferrell as Abe Lincoln on ‘Drunk History’:

  2. Genius

  3. Dillankid Avatar

    “Anyone else want to go green?” – Pelosi volunteer’s!!!

  4. Don Cheadle is awesome!

  5. I watched that show, but I remember that it was kind of boring.

  6. “I turn you into a fucking tree.” LOL

  7. Someone needs to smuggle this into the DNC’s meeting and show it.

  8. Clearly a non-registered Destructive Device.