Paintball Shotgun

“Hey, I shot you!” “No You Didn’t” … Yea that’s pretty much how it goes.

That thing must shooting those paintballs awfully slow.  Hardly any of them ever break when they make contact!

Hat tip: Kevin


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  1. bikeman Avatar

    Yeah, not only slow, but the amount of time to reload something like that?

  2. bigghoss Avatar

    would be a lot cooler if the paintballs actually broke

  3. That was pretty lame. That thing must be incredibly weak – at the end I think I even saw some paintballs bouncing off of the brick wall.

  4. Um, wouldn’t that thing require re-loading between shots. (which is something I never saw them do)

    1. So it’s no different than any bad action movie or cheesy TV show, where they seem to fire hundreds of rounds from the same magazine, not only not showing them reloading, but with no lull in fire either.

      1. Good point.

  5. ozwald Avatar

    i was hoping this would be one of those “lost art” videos… now i’m bummed out. gonna go sabot some paintballs into 12ga shells. once again, holdin’ mike and ENDO harmless.

    1. Paintball Sabot. Does that work? Has anyone tried that before? (or were you just joking)

      1. ozwald Avatar

        well a paintball is .68, and i haven’t measured the interior of the shell diameter but i have some parafin… this probably won’t end well which means i should probably make a video…

        1. I’m afraid that the, high powered, sudden shock from detonation of the powder in the shell will rupture the paintball/s. Also, they make a few different size paintballs.

          (not listed but there are also 6mm paintballs meant to destroy the internals of airsoft guns)

      2. jamartin Avatar

        Small charge + Expanded polystyrene sabot

        1. ozwald Avatar

          i have a couple grenade launching blanks, halving that charge should give me some reduced velocity, i’ll do the math when i’m sober.

  6. For those that like guns, paintball, and humor

    1. Dillankid Avatar

      I haven’t read Doc’s stuff for years – hard to believe he’s still around…
      …I miss paintball now…

      1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

        He used to comment on this blog quite a bit!

  7. evenmatch Avatar

    If you amp up the power it would be a nice paintball mortar.