CrossFit Shooting Range Workout – Operators Only

Unless you bleed hoppes 9, shit picatinny rails, and shave with an axe, don’t fool yourself into thinking you can handle this:

LOL seriously?  The shooting range workout starts at 1:00.  Kettle ball lift shooting? Upside down sit-up shooting? Barrel jumping? ROFL

This Rob Pincus guy is priceless.  He’s definitely added to my list of hilarious instructors. I need to find a new chrome plugin to save youtube videos, I bet this one won’t last long once the rest of you start making fun of it.

If think you may ever been in a situation that requires skills demonstrated in the video, definitely book a class with him at I.C.E. Training.

I’ll hold out for the course that will allow me to polish my dirtbike backflip shooting, and straight jacket underwater foot shooting skills.  I find I’m currently outside the 10 ring a bit too often for comfort when I practice those.  Like I always say, you gotta be ready for SHTF.


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  1. That one guy Avatar
    That one guy

    This is Reeeally gay. :/ Though it does look like it’d be fun to do. A challenge is a challenge.
    That’s it, “Operator” is now slang for gay xD

  2. I dunno, these seem like perfectly acceptable training/workout regimes to me.

    But I like to go a little more realistic in my training by hammering both of my testicles to a 6 foot railroad tie that I drag along while I do my shooting. When I shoot at an indoor range I have found it useful to set the structure on fire before I begin shooting my ‘sets’, because applying intense pressure is how OPERATORS are made! I also like to keep a pissed off rattlesnake in my range bag, because being complacent with your range gear will get you hurt or killed.

    And yes, I also do the hanging upside down shooting drills because I have spent almost .000000000000002% of my life near or in that configuration… and you never know when the threat is coming.

  3. Michael B Avatar
    Michael B

    0-59: Spetnaz Training.

    59+ US Army Ranger Training.

  4. This stuff is a bit goofy and over the top, but these guys seem to be in good shape and their weapon handling/marksmanship seems fairly crisp.
    At least it’s not a bunch of potbellied tacticool YouTube mall ninjas showing off their “skillz.”

    As for capturing videos, is a pretty handy site.

    1. Cameron Avatar

      Yeah, surprisingly they still seemed safe with a loaded firearm. Like in the upside down one, when curled up the gun was pointed completely away from any part on his body.

    2. I tried posting this earlier and it doesn’t appear to have gone through.

      There are some plugins for Firefox that will allow you to download directly from a website without having to go to another and paste the address. I’ve been using this one to download flash videos from Youtube and other sites: It works really well. A button shows up on the Firefox taskbar; just click it and it starts downloading the video you’re watching. The only caveat is that it saves the file as a flash video file (.flv), so you need to download a flash video player. I’ve been using this one: and it has worked great for me.

      1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

        Yea it holds all posts with 2 or more links. It’s supposed to notify me, but for some reason both your comments with links when straight to spam. I’ll check that plugin out, thanks. I guess I can always just switch from chrome to FF when I want to download a vid.

  5. Philip Avatar

    I would be more likely to work out if it were like this.

    1. Jwhite Avatar

      Have to agree… is it practical though? If it makes working out more fun, and helps your marksmanship… I’m game. As for the upside down shit… Thats completely idiotic. I especially dont like the possibility… however remote… of blasting your self in the chin… No Bueno. The Kettle Bells are great. My Dad is RKC certified and hes been training with people for a few years now. Throws are a great warm up. I would love to see 99% of us try the press and shoot… accurately. I think its more about getting to the point where you can physically do the warmup and press while shooting that makes it worth while. I dunno… Just because someone has unorthodox training styles doesn’t mean they are completely full of shit… Least they tried to spice it up a bit from your typical beer belly paper shoot on hot gravel range.

  6. Thanks for checking out the vid guys. As noted, it was a fun day at the range, not a recommended training regimen.

    Lighten up.



    1. Jordan Avatar

      I dunno man, Sam Fisher does it all the time. Seems pretty legit to me.


    2. Aftermath Avatar

      It’s nice to see someone with a thick skin. Keep up the good work.

  7. What-do-I-know-anyway? Avatar

    First, I wasn’t watching too closely until half way through, but what I saw was good trigger control and keeping their fingers off the bang switch till they were ready to shoot! That typically takes a lot of flak from you guys…

    Second, I sure hope that wasn’t for serious. If so, hmm… otherwise, that there is funny! (I don’t think it’s serious)

    Third, hey that’s quite the workout… I bet we could all use more of that.

  8. This seemed pretty reasonable until the hanging upside down stuff.

  9. Sometimes you just do something to break up the monotony, not because it’s practical. Although it kinda reminded me of somethings you’d see in the movie Equilibrium.

  10. Muhr, I would suggest that you use screws and not nails to attach the railroad tie to your testicles. When I was serving with the Delta Para Scuba Rangers (Detachment Alpha), we found that screws were less prone to back out of the treated wood.

    Just a suggestion.

  11. 032125 Avatar

    I love pickles. I love ice cream. I do not mix the two. Some things were just not meant to go together, but if you want to eat pickle ice cream, more power to you.

  12. Jared C Avatar

    This video could have been so much better if you had Larry Vickers in it.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      hahaha no kidding!

  13. Looks like way more fun than P90X.

    1. I just had an epiphany…P90X with a FN P90!!! EXTREME BEANS!

  14. Bob S. Avatar

    Just regular old realplayer will let you download these vids in most browsers. I know I downloaded it! haha :D

  15. Davis F. Avatar
    Davis F.

    Crossfit is the real deal (no, not this stuff… Go to for more info). I’ve been doing it for about a year now and the results are nothing short of great. Not to mention it has a fabulous community. If anyone here is in the LA area, the CrossFit games (like the olympics of CrossFit) are taking place this weekend, and its definitely going to be fun.

  16. What exactly is the point here? This is just stupid and dangerous for no reason. I can’t even see how this would relate to real life in any way. Unless you have to shoot someone while holding up a garage door, I don’t see the correlation.

  17. Hey guys.. due to popular demand, we have evolved this idea to make it much less over-the-top, repeatable and safe for people at lower skill and fitness levels. Some of you may still hate it, but check out FitShot:

    There’s a website in development and more info/vids/pics at our Facebook Page.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Thanks for the heads up Rob. I’ve got a post about it i’ll put up fairly soon. You’re right it does look a lot more practical.

  18. YEah man…. The FitShot program is getting more and more developed and lots of people are doing it now.. though it is nothing like some of the extreme stuff in the video linked here, it is INTENSE and FUN.