Brothers in Arms – Furious 4 Trailer

I haven’t played (or even heard of) the previous brothers in arms video games.

Looks like it might have potential, despite its Inglourious Basterds ripoff trailer.

You can pre order the game – HERE

Anyone have any opinion on the previous games leading up to this one?


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  1. The previous games are just okay. Nothing too spectacular really. They did try to be the first to implement the idea of giving commands and using a team to get stuff done. I believe the older games were PC only though. This game looks like it might be fun, Gearbox is usually a pretty good company lately, but they just slapped the Brothers in Arms name on a game where it doesn’t belong.

    Brothers in Arms is about the same group of soldiers and it tells the story of how they became “brothers” through their experiences together. It is a very respectful presentation of the sacrifices soldiers make and what they have to go through in war. This game, is none of that. Good game? Maybe. Brothers in Arms? No, it doesn’t need to have that name slapped onto it for any “brand recognition.”

    1. ^^^

  2. Andrew Avatar

    This reminds me a lot of “Inglorious Basterds”

  3. bima86 Avatar

    NOOOOOO !! :(
    they ruined the franchise..

    looks like this one’s goona be “run ’em & gun ’em shooter” type of game, not the squad tactical-manuver shooter.. Graphics nice though :D

    1. That one guy Avatar
      That one guy

      It cant be all that bad. It’s not halo. It’s not gears. It’s not Modern warfare. So it cant be bad lol.

      I’d buy it :D

      1. I hope you’re right. But this game does not look worthy of “Brothers In Arms”. The previous games told a story of brotherhood; I’d like to see if they build this one into the story. I definitely will try it out, though.

  4. If this leads to Left 4 Dead with Nazis, I wholly approve.

  5. Yeah, I found this to be completely out of character for BIA, the original series was very grim

  6. I will preface my comment with this statement. I love WW2 stuff as much as anyone.

    I’m a little tired of WW2 games. It has been so over done that I can’t even bring myself to give games a fair look. Looks good graphically but the Inglorious Bastards ripoff trailer leads me to believe that this game will only include things (missions, enemies, weapons, etc.) that have been done a hundred times before. I mean, if you can’t even promote your game with an original trailer, why should I think that the game is going to bring something new to the table?
    I will save my $60.

    1. Cameron Avatar

      Someone needs to throw political correctness to the wind and create a WWII game from the German side. But of course nobody except actual WWII history buffs would consider buying it.

      Or, they should make a WWII game with some of the lesser seen battles, like stuff in Africa, Italy, etc.

      1. The old Medal of Honor series had both Italy and Africa as part of the expansions for Allied Assault. The first Call of Duty also had some North Africa in it as well.

        I’m still very anxious about Red Orchestra 2 coming out soon though. It’s set on the Eastern front. The first game is really the best online FPS I’ve ever played. The shooting physics is incredible. You can even steady your weapon against objects like sandbags, windowsills and doorframes.

      2. bima86 Avatar

        the government somehow controls these games. If I’m not mistaken, the RTS game “World in Conflict – Soviet Assault” original plot was we control the soviet forces invading the States. But that got canceled, the release was delayed and the plot changed. So they changed it to the soviet campaign invading Europe.

        A WWII game from the German (or even the japs) side, i don’t think so. since they lost, so all the levels are about losing battles and retreating (would be much fun to play isn’t it). and there are not much living WWII german soldier veteran to interview or take historical reference. And I don’t think the government will approve a game shooting at US soldiers :p

        I saw a few screenshot of this chinese made FPS game though, going against US soldiers (the “enemy” was looking so much like a US Army) I forgot where I saw it, and whats the title (it was all in chinese, so I don’t understand)

        1. Actually there are a lot of games where you can kill US soldiers. Just not usually in a story mode. However, any World War 2 game that you can play online has one team as the Germans and the other team as US, British, or Russian forces depending on the location. Also there are Vietnam games as well, where players can play as the VC or NVA depending on the game. Also don’t forget any of the more modern games where you have the team who kill players representing US soldiers.

          Not sure if you are aware of this but in this country our government does not have to approve of any game. In fact it would be illegal for the government to dis-approve a game for release.

          1. bima86 Avatar

            yeah.. World in Conflict only has a story/ campaign mode in it. Something happened during development and their release got delayed and had a major change to their story plot.

      3. Not that I encourage anyone to play as a Palestinian against the US or Israel.

  7. Dillankid Avatar

    As others have said, this smacks the original BIA series in the face. The original games followed a serious story line following a group of Airborne through different battles (Hell’s Highway covering Operation Market Garden). The new “Brothers in Arms” is a joke that will ruin the series for me…very atypical of Ubisoft. The game may be fun, but giving it the BIA name was a very stupid idea.

  8. bima86 Avatar

    Big guy “Montana” has an 82nd Airborne “All American” insignia.. so these guys are paratroopers too (like the original BIA)

  9. Perturbo Avatar

    I have all the BIA games one came out on the original xbox if memory serves, it was a fantastic game. They reconstructed whole villages, battlefields, and nazi postions from aerial recon photos and after action reports. It covered D-day, the second covered montey’s folly(operation market garden), the third should have covered the Siege of Bastogne; it was hinted at in game.

    Yeah, they are trying to make an inglorious illigitimate child game, truly making it a bastard of the series.

  10. Looks like some good fun to me. Also spot on choice of using Sleigh Bells in the trailer, I also just heard them used in the trailer for that new show Strike Back and their music fits action/war scenes perfectly. Who cares what the title of the game is, let’s just see if it’s as fun as it seems