Russian T90 Tank Firing – Slow Motion

See this Russian T90 Tank Fire a 125mm shell at 18,000 fps, captured on a Photron camera:

Oh what I wouldn’t give for a slow-motion camera like that. Even something as simple as water dripping out of a tap looks amazing at 18000 fps.


8 responses to “Russian T90 Tank Firing – Slow Motion”

  1. Sendarius Avatar

    I saw the “18000 fps”, and thought “eighteen thousand FEET PER SECOND? Holy shit!!!”

    Then I read on … still impressive at eighteen thousand frames per second.

    1. Brandon Avatar

      Same here; at first I thought it was going to be a video of a railgun mounted on a tank or something.

  2. Alex B Avatar

    now thats an epic muzzle flash

  3. That one guy Avatar
    That one guy

    Fun fact: Russia uses DU in their ammunition, though rather sparingly. Even russia knows that it’s absolutely worth using for it’s advantages. And the 125mm bore is just so it can launch gun-missiles.

    And that’s one awesome slo-mo.

  4. Impressive. And I thought Vision Research’s Phantom Cameras were the thing to have for high speed filming. Looks like Photron wins!

  5. Ranger G Avatar
    Ranger G

    Methinks they need to work on the powder formulation; running a wee bit rich, I’d say….

  6. SidViscous Avatar

    Those are the throwaway shots. Done for just cool looks. You don’t hardly get to see the projectile at all.

    This is the kind of thing you more commonly see. Don’t recall the frame rate, but not as high. Flight follower makes it easier to video projectiles.

    But if you really want to do something with a high speed camera and your find yourself in teh New Hampster area let me know.

    It is cool, but gets booring for people in the industry.

  7. lone survivor Avatar
    lone survivor

    Hey ,that would be great to hunt wild hogs in Texas with!