Russian Military Girls Music Video

Thanks to Casper from the comments in my Music Video Chicks Dancing In Military Themed Outfits post… this challenger emerges.

The song is “Sasha Dith – Russian Girls”.

What do you guys think?


12 responses to “Russian Military Girls Music Video”

  1. 032125 Avatar

    I’m sure this was an accurate depiction of Russian girls. As an aside, I just signed up for the Russian military.

  2. That one guy Avatar
    That one guy

    Russian girls. American Humvee. Wat. And they all look to be about 2/2’s plasitc and a 1/3 trashy whore makeup lol

    What do i think? I think that Russian Wemminz in a military theme are overrated.

  3. Encircled Avatar

    So that’s why they lost the cold war. Interesting.

  4. Pretty sure that was a Makarov holster.

  5. If that’s their form of interrogation I can’t say I’d mind getting caught behind enemy lines.

    1. That one guy Avatar
      That one guy

      They’re going to water-board you(metaphorically) with STD’s! GET OUT OF THERE MAN GET TO THA CHOPPA!!

  6. Casper Avatar

    Thanks for the shout out Mike! Just couldn’t help but throw this video into the mix. :-)

  7. I was waiting for a special guest appearance by Dolph Lundgren. I must break you.

  8. SN3AKY BADG3R Avatar

    An all woman military force? They must go to war once a month lol

  9. This is another one of those that’s only tolerable if your sound is muted.

  10. Antibubba Avatar

    You expect me to watch that and then THINK? What is wrong with you???

  11. lone survivor Avatar
    lone survivor

    Russian girls are HOT! They can tie me up anytime and spank my bottom!
    Don’t care much for implants though, like the real thing!