Downsizer WSP – World’s Smallest Pistol

The Downsizer Corp in Santee, CA made and delivered a handful of its WSP models for a few years before SB15 became law and production stopped for good. I believe fewer than 100 pistols were delivered up to that point. Whatever the exact number was, it was’t very large.

The WSP model received lots of positive reviews after they were introduced at the SHOT Show (1998, I think). There is a very detailed article by Robert Hausman in HANDGUNS 2001.

Specifications Model WSP (World’s Smallest Pistol)
Calibers 45 ACP, 357 Magnum (Also fires 38 Special), 9mm & 40 S&W
Capacity Single Shot
Trigger Double action only
Action Tip up barrel, push button release
Materials Stainless steel, CNC machined
Sights None, smooth snag free top
Safety Internal firing pin block
Overall Length 3.25″ (Smaller than a playing card)
Barrel Length 2.10″
Height 2.25″ (Smaller than a playing card)
Thickness 0.90″
Weight 11 oz.

Wow that’s awesome.  It would definitely make a very versatile pocket gun.

Source – Calguns

Hat tip: Jerry


24 responses to “Downsizer WSP – World’s Smallest Pistol”

  1. That one guy Avatar
    That one guy

    Pinfire is smaller. However, This is far deadlier. Want. It’s like a new age retro Liberator pistol. Sort of.

    I dont guess they’ll ever make a slightly longer one so i can fit a .410 shell or .45 long into it? :P

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Yea! I’ll wait for the .50 BMG version :P

  2. Hrachya Hayrapetyan Avatar
    Hrachya Hayrapetyan

    I guess it’s awfully uncomfortable to shoot… o&u derringers must be better.Yes , it’s like the Liberator – it’s .45, but as effective as a knife. I would prefer in this dimensions a 4 or 3 barreled .22LR. Anyway, it’s a good work, a nice toy!

  3. Where is the bayonet mount? What are you supposed to do after you fire your one and only round?

      1. That one guy Avatar
        That one guy

        That Bayonet mount is epic lol. I want it.

  4. Mr Evilwrench Avatar
    Mr Evilwrench

    And rails! Where are the rails? Man, I want an ACOG on there, and a light, maybe a forward vertical grip. And it’s not black enough!

  5. If it were gold plated I could see a villian assemblying this at the desk of his/her intended victim.

    I agree with Mr Evilwrench, the gun needs rails.

  6. What-do-I-know-anyway? Avatar

    So I read through the Bill… is this illegal in USA or just CA?

    1. Yeah so id I, and as far as I can tell, it’s fine everywhere else, just not in Cali. If we can have bond arms derringers and stuff then I cant see why this wouldn’t be legal.

  7. lone survivor Avatar
    lone survivor

    You know, everytime a interesting gun design comes around , some mentally unstable politician wants to ban it. What gives with these politicians?

  8. retro_joe Avatar

    It may be that the designer was a bit of a nutter:

    So perhaps there are other circumstances leading to the gun’s disappearance from the market.

  9. Sakchai chinanuvat Avatar
    Sakchai chinanuvat

    How to get one ? Please find me the way ! Thank You.

  10. que calibre usa?
    donde la venden en mexico?

  11. rogertc1 Avatar

    I have a Downsizer WSP in 45ACP sr # 1xX. Yes it does hurt to shoot. Very solid and well made little stainless derringer. Ordered mine in Jan 98 and finally go in Feb 2000. It was $350 back then…worth over a grand now. They are as Rare as hens teath.

  12. Mark DeNeault Avatar
    Mark DeNeault

    I have one of these. Not sure what the serial # is but the number is over 100. The company jacked me around for months until I finally got it. I live in California so the gun was shipped to me before it was finished completely (to register) and the sent it back for completion. That is where the problem occurred. Almost did not get it back, and no money to boot. But I got it and I do live in Callee at this point. Does anyone know the actual value of the gun?
    Thanks Mark.

    1. rogertc1 Avatar

      Mark i said it in my post Oct 2012 I made. they are as rare as hens teath so I ould say at least $1000. Just not that many out there. Good luck. Mine hurt to shoot.

  13. Mark DeNeault Avatar
    Mark DeNeault

    I have fired mine once, with a full power type load and had a bruise on my hand for a week. My gunsmith and I have loaded a primed case with a lead ball, and that is doable. You would not want to be hit with the lead ball, but probably not a fight stopper.

  14. Mark DeNeault Avatar
    Mark DeNeault

    Has anybody who owns a downsizer pistol, found rubber grips for this gun? When I first got my gun, I thought I had read somewhere that a rubber grip option was available.
    Any info is good.
    Thanks Mark.

  15. rogertc1 Avatar

    I don’t think rubber grips would help unless it wrapped arounf the back of the grip. That would make the gun larger. Even so the pain comes from how you have to shoot the little beast. All the recoil goes into the web of your hand between your thumb and pointing finger.. Mine hurt for a week too. If I ever decide to shoot it again I’d use some bicycle gloves.


  16. PeterC Avatar

    I bought mine in May 2000, after talking to Mr. Chapman at the SHOT Show. I fired seven shots, from a 115-gr. alloy hollow point to a 230-gr. GI Ball, for a review article in Dillon’s Blue Press. After the first shot, I knew i’d made a serious mistake. After seven shots, I was shaking so badly, it took one whole hour before I could resume shooting for another review, on a Para .45. Several weeks later, I sold the gun to a large Polish individual who had fired one shot from the WSP and exclaimed, “I love this gun. I must have this gun!” He’s welcome to it.

  17. Mark DeNeault Avatar
    Mark DeNeault

    I am no longer and owner of a downsized. I sold mine about 3 weeks ago through my local gunshop. They auctioned it off, so I did ok even though paid 20% to do it. It sold for $895.00. Made more than what I paid for it several years ago. Yes, the gun hurts the hand to shoot.
    I now have a 22 mag pug mini revolver and love it.

  18. I have a little over 50 rounds through my Cal 45 Downsizer serial#16x and it doesn’t hurt to shoot but after 5 or 6 rounds my hand is a little sore but only for several minutes. No sights but the gun points well and under 10 feet accuracy is not bad