Sharpening Your Drive-By Shooting Skills

This is how the gangsters train for drive-by shootings at the range:

ROFL.. the “Hey Puto” was a nice touch.

Hat tip: Alex V


10 responses to “Sharpening Your Drive-By Shooting Skills”

  1. Austey Avatar


  2. I take it “Puto” isnt a work I can use in mixed company? Or scream at the local gang bangers standing on the corner?

    1. Edit: it should be “word” not “work” Bleh so much for proof reading.

    2. That depends entirely if you like having your blood on the inside, really. You can say anything once. :V

    3. You can use “puto” in mixed company. Just make sure nobody in that company speaks Spanish!

  3. MAC21500 Avatar

    Don’t call them a pendejo either…lol

  4. That one guy Avatar
    That one guy

    He’s on his way to his daughter’s dance recital :C

  5. LOL, simply LOL. And the ‘puto’ yel was nice adding.

  6. Who was the genius camera man?

  7. Antibubba Avatar

    He forgot to jam the gun forward on each shot to give it extra velocity. Poseur!