Interactive .50 Caliber Video

Pretty cool.

He standup shoulder fires that thing like a boss.


6 responses to “Interactive .50 Caliber Video”

  1. Todd S Avatar

    360 no Scope – “Are you fucking high?” — priceless.

  2. lone survivor Avatar
    lone survivor

    How come there is an ad for womens shoes on this video?
    Is it trying to tell us something?
    Are you suppose to wear high heeled shoes when shooting a 50 cal.?

    1. Youtube ads are generated from sites you visit/things you search for in Google. Its customized for each viewer…meaning you must have been shopping for high heels sometime recently.


      1. Implications… Unpleasant…

        How ’bout that Mets game?

  3. Critter Avatar

    i would think the Ruger LCP came with a coupon for ladie’s shoes.

    1. Na, it’s armalites new thing. The toasters didnt work out so well, so now it’s shoes. Plus it gets the wife off your case for spending the whole savings on a custom build AR.