Slingshot Of Mass Destruction

Crazy slingshot guy is at it again:

Are those pinballs that he’s firing? Sweet mother of god that would hurt.

At least getting shot with an actual gun you would hopefully die quickly.   I pray that crazy slingshot guy never goes rogue.


8 responses to “Slingshot Of Mass Destruction”

  1. Its pretty decent, all its missing is the shoulder thing that goes up

    1. That one guy Avatar
      That one guy

      I love you for that one xD

  2. 032125 Avatar

    I hope he applies for a CCSSP. I’d love to see him whip that bad boy out on a perp.

  3. armed_partisan Avatar

    I admire this guy’s inventiveness, but if I lived in Germany and was limited as to what I could build to non-firearms, then I’d experiment with things like steel balls flung by high RPM electric motors. Spin it fast, and release! It might not be any more powerful than his slingshots, but it would certainly be more compact.

  4. 7350livin Avatar

    Not paintballs, 20mm steel balls. “Sweet mother of god that would hurt,” is right.

  5. That one guy Avatar
    That one guy

    And that’s still somehow safer and less lethal than the machete slingshot.

    When’s he gonna make the Grenade slingshot, where firing it also pulls the pin for maximum distance? Or the Molotov slingshot with friction activated flame? Or the “Sweet mother of god why” Nuclear slingshot with the Gun type ignition?

    This man… he’s thinking too small time :D

  6. Rock Ravn Avatar
    Rock Ravn

    I love this guy, that little pleased smile he gives at the end of his videos cracks me up. He’d be an awesome grandfather. haha

  7. lone survivor Avatar
    lone survivor

    I would have liked it better if he fired his slingshot at the pickup parked in the garage. Now that would have been interesting.