Assassin’s Creed Sleeve Blade

Designed In Solidworks, then 3D Printed.  Respect due.

This guy should work on an updated version of the sleeve gun with the skillz he has.


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  1. Jesse Avatar

    While it is probably more accurate to the game it as is it would be a whole lot safer if it was worn on the outside of the arm so that you didn’t run the risk of it jamming through your hand when it extended.

  2. That one guy Avatar
    That one guy

    Baww, i thought my “Javelin punch” was cool ;_;
    Basically, you punch hard enough and a heavy steel spike comes rolling in too. Takes the force of the punch to even bring it out past the stopper.

    But that guy has me one upped. Plus one for the dual action :C

  3. Alex S Avatar

    But how much force does it pop out with?
    The game version has the punch to break though someones skull when it ejects.
    I’d say it a good 2nd prototype but the final needs a heavy duty spring for more punch and to be made of metal to take the force.
    Looks damn good though.

    1. Helifano Avatar

      Keep in mind that the game version…. is a part of a video game. A real-life hidden blade wouldn’t have THAT much extension force, or else A, you may have issues with the mechanism being able to STOP the blade at the lock, and B, you may have issues getting it to retract. Your real force is held within the lock.

      And on that note..
      You’d honestly be lucky enough if the locking mechanism was even strong enough to withstand the force of piercing someone’s skull. Without extremely strengthy (and most likely, pricey) materials, this is a rather impractical weapon.

      Alas, I’ve give anything to have a legitimately usable weapon like this. I’d pay a lot of money with a durable dual-action one that was light enough to be concealed.

  4. felony to carry in Colorado + many other states

  5. Antibubba Avatar

    As long as he never leaves the house with it on, he isn’t a loser.

    1. Cameron Avatar

      Are you kidding? Just imagine that, man. Mugger comes up to you holding a bat or something, asks for your wallet, whatever. You hand it over, and he turns to leave…then you leap onto his back, flicking out your blade and drive it into his neck, utter a quiet one liner to yourself as he drops, and retrieve both your wallet and his on the way out.

      1. Helifano Avatar

        Have you ever actually imagined how you would leap onto one’s back? It honestly is a very ridiculous idea, if you really run through the motions. Start off by imagining yourself maintaining a leap and balance on a falling man’s back with roughly 6 inches of knife entering his throat.

        A much more awesome and practical idea might be to toss your wallet into the air and thrusting your PROPERLY aimed attack directly into his exposed throat as he looks up. You can mutter your one-liner as you retract your blade and push him onto his back.

        It sounds silly. Like, “omg why would you look up at the wallet?” But, throw anything up in the air while facing anyone and I’d bet my life they’d look up at it, even if only for a split second. Just let curiosity and the human instinct to avoid letting anything fall on your head do the work.

  6. Vin Roc Avatar
    Vin Roc

    You think that’s impressive.. just check out the rest of his vids on Youtube. Guy’s got some serious skills..