Stupid Training Scenario

Yea, because 2 unarmed attackers would circle around a guy with a gun like hungry wolves. Wait.. are hungry wolves bulletproof now? :roll:

Were the malfunctions planned? Or is that the result of some shitty simunition?


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  1. Go take some training classes with SouthNarc. See for yourself.

  2. I hate simunitions.

  3. Shadowpatriot Avatar

    Yes postion is important,…however Glock trumps throwing bows any day. This is lame and dangerous. Even the instructor seems confused. Lol whatever. I will stick with my LE training anyday this guys to badass for me.

  4. fasty77 Avatar

    i think watching number three of the vids sheds some light on the right way to handle it. one and two are the wrong way. number three right way…. who knows till your in the sh*7

  5. JonMac Avatar

    What’s with the vaseline on the lens? Looks like a particularly hardcore episode of Dallas.

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  6. mlk18 Avatar

    Wait, this wasn’t a CGI-based practice session for the next Matrix movie?

  7. 032125 Avatar

    Meh. If nothing else, they’ll get some practice moving and shooting. A day at the range always beats a day critiquing from the glactic interwebz.

  8. Francis Avatar

    SouthNarc is a current UC cop, and one of the most highly sought-after and respected instructors to come up in these last few years.

    Here’s a link to a trip report of one of his classes from another highly respected shooter and instructor.

    I’m all-for making fun of shitty instructors and other gun-related miscellany; however, that’s twice now that you’ve mocked instructors who are unanimously lauded.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      If you’re referring to the first time, as the Larry Vickers, I mean “THE LAV” incident. I stand by what I said about him. He may have all the experience and credentials in the world but he still came across as a loudmouth douchebag in that video I made fun of.

      I stand by what I said about this current video too. Unless the attackers are mentally retarded and bulletproof how can such a video be taken seriously? Looks more like it should be a training video for Equilibrium II (sequel to that first ridiculous Christian Bale movie).

  9. SPECOPS Avatar

    OK, that’s it. You made fun of the LAV and SN, but I figure either of those guys can take a joke. Or if not, either one is pretty capable of hunting you down and explaining their techniques bodily on your person.

    But you cross a line when you make fun of Equilibrium, and now I’m pissed. Gun Kata is the sh*7!!! In fact, if you say “gun kata” 27 times fast while looking sternly in the mirror, you’ll have this elated feeling, like you could take LAV or SN in a fight. If you say it a few more times, even faster, you’ll feel like you could take them both! I’m afraid, though, that no matter how many times you say it, even you don’t have the capacity for sheer dim-wittedness to think that you could actually pass on useful skills and knowledge like either LAV or SN. And that’s saying a lot, because if this blog is any indication, and if sheer dim-wittedness were bird seed, you’d have half the migratory songbirds in North America perched on your head.

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    0.o …

  11. Use a 45 and you don’t have to worry about “a guy getting shot 2, 3 or 4 times and still coming after you.”

    1. This guy got shot with a .45 (in the face, no less), and he kept coming. He won, too.

      1. That one guy Avatar
        That one guy

        Yeah that’s crazy shit. Ten bucks says the guy who shot him wasn’t using hydroshocks and was a terrible shot.

        1. The Automator Avatar
          The Automator

          Ten bucks says you have no idea what you’re talking about.

  12. Patrick @ Center Of Mass Avatar
    Patrick @ Center Of Mass

    OK, I am once again late to the party but I just discovered your site and have been going thru your site and looking at all you got. Some funny but scary stuff.

    That being said, I have been thru Greg’s class (he is no longer UC) and it is an eye opener.
    The videos don’t do the class justice if you don’t know the idea behind the class and everything that lead up to the actual scenario. The stuff you see in these videos is about 10% tops of the class. There is a morning of shooting some close quarters stuff on the second day. The rest of the 2 and half days is filled with grappling, dry practice, explanations etc. etc.

    If you think you can shoot good and draw good and all that other jazz, do it with that helmet on which make your vision go down the tube because there is no peripheral vision and the visor is all scratched up. Drawing from concealment at the appropriate time. Hitting the attacker and clearing malfunctions. It is a ball buster and it will fix any thoughts of being good at shooting a gun you have.

    The bad guys not falling down right away, that’s because the don’t in real life either. The fight keeps going until Greg says so. Also there is no set plan or scenario. one on one, two on one. No one knows what is going to happen. Each person can use their one knowledge and experience to get into or out of a fight. You can learn a lot by watching others. Sometime the first bad guy does nothing but be a harmless drunk and when the second guy is let go by Gregg that guy makes it a one on one. We had one set of guys where the second guy actually pretended to be a idiot by stander filming the fight on his phone (totally improv) and the “victim” thought the phone in his face was a gun and shot him! Good lesson on having to ID your target.

    I practiced this grappling with Greg and he kicked my butt. I am well over 6′ tall and Greg is not that big. I am certain is could have whoopped me on the spot but he was nice and took his time. He let me practice and learn and improve myself… then he kicked my butt.

    Really, go out of your way and take Gregg’s class. But you have better be prepared, this is NOT a beginners class. You may have shot your entire life but if you have not taking other square range classes and practice those to adnausium then don’t go here. You don’t want to be that guy who slows everyone down.

    Stay conscience, stay upright.