Specialty Shotgun Ammo Testing

I haven’t 100% changed my mind on not liking FPSRussia… but I’ll have to say the guy is growing on me.

That accent needs to disappear though.


12 responses to “Specialty Shotgun Ammo Testing”

  1. bigghoss Avatar

    I hate that cheesy fake accent. and what is up with the red and blue shotgun? that dragons breath is some nasty stuff!

  2. bima86 Avatar

    its spiderman’s shotgun.. :D

  3. I like the hay bale catching fire at the end.

  4. Damn…most of the shells are illegal in Florida!

  5. Did you guys notice the slow-motion segment of the “dragon’s breath” ejection? Look at the ejection port! Fire is coming out with the shells!

  6. armed_partisan Avatar

    That accent is as stupid as the red and blue paintjob on that shotgun. While Dragon’s Breath looks cool, it’s only good for starting fires. Rhodesian Jungle Shot was made because they never had enough buckshot of the right size, so they used birdshot as filler, not because it was effective. Buck and Ball is probably the only one that would be considered a good choice for any kind of actual offensive or defensive work.

  7. He plays with a lot of cool toys, but he’s still a douche with no regard for gun safety. Also, he appears to be one of those clowns that can’t separate the fiction of FPS games from the realty of war and firearms, the kind of guy that generally makes real firearms enthusiasts look bad.

  8. The paint job on the gun is totally gay.

  9. I never knew how flammable civilians were until this video. /sarcasm

  10. I don’t mind the guy’s schtick; keeps his videos unique and memorable compared to others. If I want serious stuff, I know where else to look.

    I honestly don’t think he’s hurting the arms community as much as say criminals and, “gun owners,” who openly say there’s no need for civilians to own high-capacity, military style rifles.

  11. That one guy Avatar
    That one guy

    I like the videos, but he’s just as full of himself as Nutnfancy. And that irritates me.
    Plus, his information is almost allways wrong, his terminology is almost allways wrong, and he does videos on stuff we’ve all seen before. Not to mention he’s an ass, and an unsafe one at that.

    But his videos are good. I’m just waiting for him to shoot his own ear off, himself in the foot, the cameraman, or just some sort of hilarious accident that lands him in prison. It’ll happen, just give it time.

    He reminds me of every asshole i knew in High school. And every one of them have been to jail at some point. It’ll happen :3

  12. Bashy Avatar

    Woah, I can’t beleive you guys flaming him xD The accent is supposed to be cheesy, and the recklessness of the videos is all part of the FPSRussia persona. He’s shooting in the middle of no-where, probably on a range, where no-one but himself will get hurt. Sponsers clearly trust him, so why shoudn’t we? And, about the “reality of war”, this guy isn’t in a war, guns are a hobby for him, just like they are for any enthusiast, shooting down a range is never anything like the reality of war, and most firearms enthusiasts have never experienced war. If they had, im pretty sure they would never want to see a gun again.