Bar Refaeli In Military Themed GQ Photo Shoot

Nice!  Italian GQ only, not American.

Some bonus behind the scenes footage:


13 responses to “Bar Refaeli In Military Themed GQ Photo Shoot”

  1. armed_partisan Avatar

    Nice, but even pictures like that couldn’t get me to buy an anti-gun, Leftist rag like “GQ”.

  2. Cameron Avatar

    Anti gun indeed. The headline reads “Fight for Peace.”

  3. That one guy Avatar
    That one guy

    I am OUTRAGED! I demand you post something with sexy men in the same military theme. For great justice. Er… Yeah justice :D

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      I have a funny “fruity Rudy” (Rudy Reyes) picture post saved for a later date. He’s fully clothed in it though, sorry hahah.

  4. JonMac Avatar

    She can dodge my ‘draft’ any time. Giggidy.

  5. 032125 Avatar

    She is physically perfect, but I always resent the appeal to sexual instincts to entice my readership. If I want smut, I know where to get it. If I want to read something, I know not to go to GQ.

  6. mlk18 Avatar

    The funny (or scary) thing is that once I read “Sean Penn” on the cover of the magazine I lost interest. I can’t read French but I presume he won GQ’s Mega D-Bag of the Year Award.

    1. Cameron Avatar

      That’s Italian, mlk. As for what it says, I can’t tell ya, picture’s too low res. But this is GQ: if anything, it’s praising him.

      1. mlk18 Avatar

        French…Italian…If it involves Sean Penn it’s all liberal nonsensical crap.

        1. That one guy Avatar
          That one guy

          I like how you just assume that, it’s funny. It’s true, but funny lol.

          Good ol Sean Peen. He’s such a crock that he’s even friends with Bam margera.

  7. Snow and Ash Avatar
    Snow and Ash

    She’s out of uniform. Her belt isn’t buckled properly, and she needs to fasten her chin strap.

  8. Glock30 Avatar

    Not cool. Bar Refaeli skipped out on her compulsory military service in the IDF.