Mythbusters Takes A Look At Handgun Suppressors

The suppressor stuff starts at 12:55 in the first video:

The suppressors they are using are manufactured by Silencerco.

The Osprey model they make looks killer. I love that unconventional shape.


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  1. So what I learned from TV today is that use of suppressors should be encouraged! We need to do away with the BS NFA laws from the 30’s, since machine guns can’t be made for civilian use anymore, regulating barrel length is just retarded (seriously, you can own a 11″ barrel in Canada) and suppressors should be an over the counter item, because they are make shooting safer, and and you annoy your neighbors less!

    ^^^ Not sarcasm

    Thank you Mythbuster for doing a mainstream media piece that it’s convoluted and full of ignorant anti-gun sentiment.

    1. Sorry for the typo… “because they are make shooting safer” should read “because they make shooting safer”

      I will learn to proofread before clicking submit. I will learn to proofread before clicking submit. I will learn to proofread before clicking submit. I will learn to proofread before clicking submit. I will learn to proofread before clicking submit…

    2. Cameron Avatar

      Exactly, suppressors should be encouraged. I was talking to a guy on another forum, and I forget where he said it was (Denmark, I think) but wherever it was, suppressors have become the norm because of noise pollution laws there. They basically just hand them out like candy.

  2. JonMac Avatar

    I’m not impressed with their conclusion – far too subjective. There’s a world of difference between the hollywood sound effect and the suppressed 9mm and .45 pistols they tested. A Hi-Standard, MP5SD, Welrod etc, maybe – but the guns tested are not only audibly wildy different – the decibel change tells all.

  3. Michael Bakowski Avatar
    Michael Bakowski

    I want to has…

    Strike that, I want the government to make it legal (without registration) to has.

  4. 032125 Avatar

    SilencerCo was covered ad nauseum by Nut’nfancy. They look like they are making a great product.

    That said, the government will never do away with gun registrations until they cease to be a source of revenue. It’s not about safety, it’s about using fear to generate revenue.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Ugh.. yea I saw that and skipped through it. It was like he spent a decade there with them haha. Looks like a good product though!

  5. lone survivor Avatar
    lone survivor

    I read a while back in a gun magazine someone asked why suppressors were put into the 1934 gangster gun control laws, and it said that somebody from the fish and game (who was a friend of some senator) wanted them included because that would stop people from poaching deer. Oh yeah, I’m sure, that’s going to stop someone who is poaching deer. Hell, people are still poaching deer today.
    I’ve also read that many foreign countries want their target shooters to use them to cut down on noise. Only in America are they illegal. The movies that Hollywood puts out makes it look like only “hitmen” and “gang members “use suppressors. Sarah Brady and her Brady Bunch cult want them banned forever.
    I doubt that we could ever get the 1934 law repealed. One would have to get a national petition with 100’s of thousands of signatures on it.
    But, if the SHTF happens, then they are okay to use. At least to me they are.

    1. because that would stop people from poaching deer. Oh yeah, I’m sure, that’s going to stop someone who is poaching deer. Hell, people are still poaching deer today.

      Do you really think that someone thought that would STOP people from poaching, or reduce the incidence of poaching? I’m sure nobody believes that harsher punishments and lower limits will STOP people from driving drunk, but the hope is that it will have an effect to reduce the number of people who do.

      I’ll tell you – if I were going to poach deer (or other animals), I would prefer to have a noise suppressor on the weapon I was using to do it.

    2. Ah Canada made them illegal because they were band in most of the US… What we need to do is stop voting for these Leftist goofs

  6. I think you also meant “ISN’T convoluted and full of anti-gun sentiment.”

  7. Matthew Avatar

    I watched this entire episode and I was hoping that they would address now every gun makes the same sound when it is being chambered in the movies. I would like to know what they had to do to make that gun-cocking sound. Also I wish they had addressed how in Law and Order whenever they draw their Glocks they always make the sound of a hammer being cocked.

  8. is there a reason why we rope all ‘sub’ weapons under the single suppressed term?

    There are three types:

    – Suppressed Retro Fit (the addition too the barrel)
    – Specialist Suppressed (fire arms made for silent fire only)
    – Soft fire Weapon (weapons made to fire a ‘Suppressed’ round)

    I have given up a long time Myth Busters (MB) regarding anything to do with weapons – their shooting into water – suppressed weapons or hitting bullets features have all shown such flaws in thinking that I wonder they may be funded by a anti-gun lobby!

    As a person that has fired all three types- I wonder why our friends at MB did not even touch the specialist suppressed type – rather than offer free advertising to a manufacturer of a system that is as about as accurate as throwing the firearm down field than shooting it!!

  9. @Mathew
    I just ready this as I finished my bad typing above.
    I visited ILM on business back in the 90’s after they had finished T2 and got to see the sound studio – they had a selection of weapons they had used to make those sounds. It is down to the sound recorder on what he (she) thinks offers the best “imposing sound” for the sequence.
    I love the way that in nearly every film the sound of the gun cocking has to be made to show that the gun is “love” when whipped out and pushed into the actors face.
    The sound they use for most guns was recorded back in the 80’s and as most sound recorders like it they kept it – the same way they all use the same yelling noise and splashing!!

    1. sorry that should be gun is “live”

  10. armed_partisan Avatar

    I wish they would have mentioned subsonic versus supersonic ammo, bullet impact noise, action cycling, and all the other things that make firearms very, very loud. Spend a day at the annual AAC Silencer Shoot without hearing protection, and all the yahoos shooting their suppressed weapons with supersonic ammo will have your ears ringing by the end of the day, not to mention all the Tannerite! Their comparison was Ear Muffs and Unsuppressed versus No Ear Muffs and Suppressed.

    1. These guys seem to miss the detail and go frot he big picture. Now they have to work round movie IP licenses the program seems to be more like “fill in the blanks” – you should go over to their forums and read their fans railling on them.