Glock As A Musical Instrument

For death metal, you don’t need a snare:

Might be a tiny bit dangerous, not to mention illegal in some areas though. :P


5 responses to “Glock As A Musical Instrument”

  1. 032125 Avatar

    Amusingly dumb. Hopefully this was done in a basement.

  2. Yeah… no thanks. Dumbasses. Then again, it’s what I love about this country. The freedom to be stupid.

  3. Perturbo Avatar

    I really hope those were blanks.

  4. Becoming more common the more dumbasses work out that 9mm is a pretty solid shot (just like the video games) – we see them firing into walls, signs and furniture – only to find out that bullets and what they hit splinter and they are really hard to get out of your fresh!! (uncomfortable questions by Law Enforcement officer in ER room as fragments are being removed… without local ;)

  5. That one guy Avatar
    That one guy

    Contributes to my theory that the majority of glock owners are idiots, and have no taste in music.

    Now i say the MAJORITY. Not everyone. But you have to think, the world has an alarmingly large ammount of these assbags. They probably outnumber you good owners with musical taste ten to one!

    Solution? Get a 1911. Not a Chintzy one either.