Duke Nukem Forever Trailer

Wow, this brings back some memories. With not as good of graphics of course.. but still.

I wish I had a new game system, id definitely buy it.

It comes out June 14, and you can preorder it – HERE



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  1. I may have to nab this. After too many space marine and tactical shooters that try to take themselves too seriously, some good old fashioned, over-the-top, Duke Nukem action is quite welcome.

  2. Vin Roc Avatar

    Yeaa baby :} I remember upgrading my measly 486dx pc to play Duke Nukem 3D when it came out :} Graphics dont seem that impressive to other games out now, but i still cant wait to play it

  3. This is the game that defined vaporware. Considering the now legendary bungling and buffoonery that went into development, I’ll take a wait-and-see approach.

  4. I already have my Balls of Steel edition on order for PC. I really doubt it will be all that fantastic, but I know it will be fun, Gearbox is great at this type of game.

  5. I caught a mistake in your post, with your June 14th release date. Right in this ad it claims May 3rd, just thought it point that out

    1. I caught a mistake in your post, with your June 14th release date. Right in this ad it claims May 3rd, just thought it point that out.

      I found a mistake in your post. It says, “Right in this ad it claims May 3rd…” There’s no ad linked to in your post. And in the Amazon link that Mike provided, it very clearly says, “This item will be released June 14th.”

      The official website says June 14th:

      Hell, even Wikipedia has it correct:

      1. Right at the end of this very video it claims : ” In stores – May 3rd”

        1. Although you did clear it up,

        2. Fair enough… I couldn’t bring myself to watch the whole thing.

  6. Here little piggy piggy…

  7. That one guy Avatar
    That one guy

    Remember, when you go to get your Balls of Steel Edition copy you must shout “I’ve got balls of steel!” if you want to be cool.

  8. Al, the game release date keeps being pushed back for unknown reasons….. Just letting you know.
    I remember begging my Dad to buy this game for me when i was just a kid, all my friends had it too. I had a Dell 75Mhz computer with AOL 2.0 lol I remember drooling over the the pixel breasts of the strippers in the game and giggling when Duke cussed haha. Oh to be a little curious kid again. Im sure this game will be kind of shitty, but it will still be fun to remember the good old days. I played this game and i turned out just fine, its pathetic SOME parents these days are trying to blame video games for their own poor parenting skills. If you son is a demented fuck up who decides to shoot up a school, i think video games are the last thing you should be blaming.

  9. I miss the sidescroller… the FPS gave me a blistering headache :).

    Still, the last line from the trailer is damned right…