VOTE For Top Shot Season 2 – Top Douchebag

It’s almost time to give out the illustrious title to an individual in season 2.

The Top Douchebag award is basically for displaying excellence in the field of douchebaggery.

In season 1 I crowned Adam Benson the top douchebag.  I decided that on my own (although I don’t think anyone was disputing it), but this time I’m opening it up to a vote on facebook.


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  2. Head over and voteHERE
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I’ll run the contest until shortly after Season 2 ends, and then post the winner.  Remember, this is serious business, tell everyone you know to go vote.

You can discuss who and why you voted for in the comments, in an effort to sway others.

Prize: If I can get the winner’s address, i’ll send them something they likely won’t want (for the fun of it) off Amazon.


48 responses to “VOTE For Top Shot Season 2 – Top Douchebag”

  1. Definitely George. Though I have to say that Ashley made a strong showing when he started bullying Jamie in the kitchen (on the episode where Ashley was eliminated, iirc).

  2. I’d currently vote Ashley just because he outdid George with that whole bit in the kitchen. George maintains some sense of competitive trash talking but was willing to give credit to Jamie’s stellar performance, but Ashley was straight up hating and didn’t even show sportsmanship on his departure. Granted, it’s probably manufactured drama, but with respect to the context of the show… Ashley didn’t finish well, and to be fair, Jamie’s perceived unwillingness to play along socially doesn’t sit well with the other contestants.

  3. I had to vote Ashley. His tirade in the kitchen outdid anything George ever did. George was never shy about his thoughts and he would tell anyone straight to their face what they thought, something that is rare in douchebags. Plus, he was basically the entire source of humor for the show.

  4. That one guy Avatar
    That one guy

    Top Douchebag. I like the way you think lol. They got rid of American top gear for it, I AM OUTRAGED.

    Granted American Top gear wasn’t all that good, it was better than this false-drama filled crap. Top shot is like the Real World of gun shows. It’d be the Jersey shore of gun shows if it wasn’t so racially diverse.

    Mah point is, they’re all douchebags. No matter who you vote for it wont be a wrong one.

  5. armed_partisan Avatar

    Here’s an idea for a prize: Top Douche bag gets an actual Douche bag, and if there’s ever a time when there’s a winning female contestant, she might actually get to use it.

  6. I don’t want to be an Ashley apologist, but I think he was pissed that his team decided to stab him in the back, so he took it out on the only one in the house that no one liked.

    I think top douche should be a two way tie between Gunny and Chris. The second their asses were on the line they decided that it wasn’t performance based it was what team you were on (when there were teams)…which is horse shite

    I hope next season they take voting away once they get to the individual competition and just do it by elimination like they did in season 1

    1. Ashley might have reacted differently if, as the last blue team member, he found out he wasn’t part of the Gunny, Chris, Daryl, and George pact to be Top 4.

  7. Kardinal Avatar

    George, no doubt. He has no loyalty to anyone and he’s a rude cuss.

  8. George

    I’m willing to bet he is only on the show because he got lost on his way to a casting call for Jersey Shore, and found himself at the Top Shot auditions.

  9. if we can pick anyone, I’d vote for Jay. I couldn’t stand him!! Talk about a bitch! Ah well, there’s always George and Ashley…

  10. Cameron Avatar

    Never understood why you called the show Top Douchebag.

    And then I watched some episodes.

  11. Elizabeth Avatar

    I hate me some Ashley (girls name) but George is a bitch without a tampon. The Airforce puts out these kind of drama queen creeps? His commanding officer should have a word. George is a total puke but then there’s the issue of the commentator and he’s just getting way out of control with his supposed drawl in his announcing. Colby you’re killin’ me too. They are all douches but George wins.

    1. couldt agree with you more

  12. patrick Avatar

    surprised at all the hate for ashley. the guy didnt bother me

    HATED jay, but going by the definition of the word, george was the biggest douchebag for sure

  13. aquanetia_jenkins Avatar

    George for sure, looking like a jersey shore reject is forgiveable but the guy has NO class. Also, there are no snipers in the air force.

    1. YOU NOTICED THAT TOO! He said he “Was a sniper, and then the air force” or something vague like that.

    2. Kardinal Avatar

      There are snipers in the Air Force. 30 seconds Googling would have demonstrated that.

    3. Kardinal Avatar

      George is still a complete douche, but he is very good with a sniper rifle. I don’t doubt he has sniper training.

    4. lol thats what i was thinking the whole season

  14. I tried watching this show but frankly I cant. Its retarded. The guys are douche bags, the scenarios unrealistic (Lowered from a crane while attempting to shoot paint buckets or whatever) and the general content of the show is bland and just puts me to sleep. “Oh yeah well im a good shot, and this guys gottta go blah blahb lah” its survivor with guns. I would rather eat a bullet than hear the petty whiney bullshit they rant about between bouts.

  15. Can you have a 4-way tie?
    I’m disgusted with the behavior of all four of the remaining contestants.
    They turned this season in Survivor, so that no matter who wins, they will not really be a Top Shot. The winner will just be the best shooter in the popularity club.
    The veterans I know do not hold “civilians” in disdain like these guys.
    I wonder if the contestants ever consider the way their behavior reflects on their fellow soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines?

    1. Mycroft,

      You hit the nail on the head with your comments. I couldn’t agree more. And the final result was no result when Georg gave it to Chris in the next to final round.

      1. yeah its like people forgot he deliberately let chris win!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. You sure nailed that. The top 4 acted like a catty stuck-up high school girls’ clique. They represented the military extremely poorly. Ashley and George should spend the rest of their career behind a desk in a parts logistics outfit.

      The way they held civilians in disdain reminds me of the cops who tell each other, “There’s only 2 kinds of people: cops and assholes.” Your job out in the world doesn’t matter in a shooting competition, only how you hit (or miss) the target. The guys who were shit-talking the golf instructor need to go take a hard look at their damn selves. He was a dork when he showed up but grew up a lot and really corrected his attitude. The military guys took leaps and bounds backwards with their attitudes.

  16. George has been the biggest tool consistently throughout the competition. While Ashley certainly showed his ass when his ass was on the line, George never disappoints when a douchebag is called for. When he’s not picking on Jamie, he’s whining about the challenge or which gun he has to shoot. Maybe after Top Shot he can get a spot on “Jersey Shore.” Total dick.

  17. Perturbo Avatar

    George, of course their use of politics tainted them all.

  18. D. Daniel Avatar
    D. Daniel

    Finally! George lived up to his billing. He quit. He did it in such a way, that everyone said he was so giving by missing the plate on purpose to give Chris the final spot. “BUT”, stop and think about his actions. If he had stayed in the competition and someone beat him, he would have to admit that he was NOT the best shot and that is not something his his ‘EGO’ could handle “BUT”, by missing an easy shot he could show everyone what a great guy he is by letting Chris stay in the competition. “WHAT A GREAT AND NOBLE PERSON”
    Congrats to Chris! ! ! He could have won it without the theatrics from George.

    1. NotAwatchinextseason Avatar

      What a crock! George and all of his girlfriends can go hunting with the winnigs. I vote for the last four as top douchebag. Lets all cry at the end because one of the girlfriends won. Maybe they can co-host the View nest time Whoopie needs a day off.

  19. Mad Saint Jack Avatar
    Mad Saint Jack

    I’ll vote for George because he tried to ruin the good name of the Ruger Security Six.

  20. George is the biggest douchebag on the show. After Jamie got eliminated I don’t even feel compelled to watch the rest of the show. The remaining contestants have all shown themselves to be a gang of dishonorable thugs. George is the most out spoken punk in this group and I expect him to throw the others under the bus when it will benefits him. George is a waste of space on this earth as far as I’m concerned.

  21. Charlesincharge Avatar

    George because after he did not perform well at the pistol challenge in the finale, he throws the contest rather than risk losing on his merits.

  22. All television is more “rigged” than you may thing. remember, its not competition, its entertainment. If most of the contentants actions and commentary was staged then George gets the academy award. If it was not “coached” then I have to say that though George had a constant pulse of “douchedom” Ashley shows his true low class self when he started picking on Jamie who handled himself with class and restraint. He no doubt acted like a total small dicked ass&%& when reality set in and his “competitors” did just that……..compete by all means necessary…and voted to eliminate him. And lets not forget the silly haircut.

  23. I have to say the biggest douchbag is Ashley. He is a grown man, act like it. Real men don’t put others down like he did. it’s a competition and real competetors are respectful to others. Ashley is a sad pathetic person.

    1. I’ve seen hockey players fistfight on the ice and shake hands at the end of the game. I’ve also seen it in other sports. Ashley doesn’t have the class of your average muscle-head sports jock. He should have his membership in the Special Forces revoked.

  24. First and foremost George is the biggest douchebag period followed in a close second by that gay ass looking Ashley who may not be the greatest douchebag of the show but certainly is the biggest bitch of them all. George is the reason why “friendly fire” in the military happens. Neither of those guys have any class whatsoever and the show is a joke because its decided by vote who goes to elimination but not by performance like it should be but by popularity.

  25. An embarrassment to the Marines and Air Force. Stupidity factor and drama was amazing. My friend’s mom commented, “I think this is what the Marines do when they take a young man and remake him.” His daughter wondered, “Grandma, I don’t think the Marines want to make men into drama queens.”

    Thanks Jamie for a very wise, caring, and hang-in-there character. After you left the show, we quit watching the good-old-boys club.

  26. Stephanie Avatar

    I just finished…well, almost finished watching the season on netflix. It made me sick. I had great respect for this show after the first season but now have no desire to watch the third. I was completely disgusted by George and as soon as Ashley decided to be his “right hand man,” he became the second hated in my book. Jamie was amazing. He may not have been the best shooter in this competition but he was definitely my pick. He stood there and took everything they threw at him like a true gentleman. As soon as the butt-buddies had the show, I stopped watching. And as far as I’m concerned the final elimination challenge was a complete set up for Chris to win.
    Congrats to Jamie for being the only guy on that season worth watching.

    1. You sure nailed that. I agree, Jamie was the only guy that didn’t need his face punched in. I actually did like Maggie, too. Too bad she didn’t stay longer, the butt-boys club would’ve been all kinds of outraged over her making it to the individual competition.

    2. I couldn’t agree with you more, Stephanie! I just finished watching the second season on netflix and by the last show could hardly watch. Jamie had way more class & integrity than the final four had altogether. And don’t even get me started on Ashley! Season three was not so much junior high girls drama club…so maybe you changed your mind and watched it, although after season two and their “good ol’ boys club” I can certainly see why you wouldn’t care to ever watch another episode of Top Shot. :]

  27. AllAmerican Avatar

    I would have to say its a toss up between Ashley and George, although, Ashley rant in the kitchen has him winning top prize in my book. George’s comment about Jamie somehow feeling good about taking out the “Golf Instructor” was unwarranted for two reasons, one, He SHOULD feel good that he won that Nomination round, so DUH, and two, IT WASN’T HIS call in the first place! YOU NOMINATED JAMIE AND JAY!? So why belittle his win? I think Jamie got the short end of the stick, and should at least made the top 4 if it was truly a performance based game, in the end, the good ol’ boys club are the true douche bags for constantly flirting with the high morals only to crap on it when it suited them.

    1. Hateraid Avatar

      I bet that none of you would have enough nuts to say that to their face. Only on this stupid top douche bag site. It is a tv show people they have to add drama. To make the show interesting. Granted they were bullying Jamie. But like wrestling is it real or acting?

      Now the fact that all of you are ass wipes (much worse than a douche bag) with no respect. To call some one that protects your freedom to be able to have this dumb ass site a douche. You should be thankful that they protect all of us. Talking shit online is gutless. Who the fuck cares anyway. I stumbled upon this site on accident and thought i would call it like i see it.

      Get off your asses and help our country instead of thinking your entitled to our country helping you,

      1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

        Thanks for your input. If you want to get that butthurt over this post then how about this… what if all the douchebags quit fighting for our freedom, and let the majority of soldiers who actually aren’t douchebags pick up the slack? I’m sure they wouldn’t mind because then they wouldn’t have to deal with their bullshit anymore. And yes I actually would call George or Adam a douchebag to their face. They already know it, so it’s not like it would be a huge insult and shock to them.

        1. Absolutely right, ENDO-Mike. I’m betting most of the guys on the show went home and read the reviews and blogs, and saw the show, and said, “Oh, shit!” You can puff out your chest and act like Billy Badass in public to cover up for weakness, but you can’t lie to yourself. The military clowns on Top Shot 2 will have to live with what they did on the show, and I’m betting that they weren’t happy when they saw the end product.

          Everybody in Ashley’s unit saw his whining about the different weapons and the infamous kitchen incident. I’m betting it wasn’t easy to go back and face the guys in the unit after that. Special Forces guys take a lot of pride in not being whiners and telling it like it is to a man’s face. Ashley probably didn’t get a real warm reception back at the old unit.

      2. Hey, dick, I did 6 years active duty plus 11 in the civil service. I’ve been serving my country for 17 years, so don’t preach to me about entitlement or respecting service. Secondly, just because a person is current or former military, that doesn’t mean that everything that comes out of their pie-hole is some kind of holy nugget. The concept that has flown completely over your head is that these Top Shot guys (with the exception of Jamie) have represented the military very poorly.

        I’ve worked side-by-side with military guys for 17 years, most of them are not like that. I’m impressed when I pick up Airman magazine and see the attitude of some kid that got his face half blown off in Iraq. I’m not impressed with loudmouth George, Ashley and his whining about the different guns or his kitchen tirade, and the military guys who openly disdain civilians and act like 12 year olds in an English boarding school.

        People aren’t trashing the military here, they’re cracking on the poor behavior of the military guys on the show.

  28. Phuckyaifyacanttakeajoke Avatar

    I would pick Chris as season two’s Top BITCH. That back stabbing hillbilly was a real piece of shit throwing people under the bus when he preached “Performance Based”. I understand it’s a competition, but when he said that, and then ran his cock holster about “Anyone not being able to shoot the AR-15, ought not to be here,” and not nominating himself based on HIS performance was a chicken shit thing to do. I liked the hell out of Ashley. I thought he was a stand up guy. I actually looked him up to see what he received the Bronze Star for, and thought he was pretty humble actually.
    I’m former Army, so you know I don’t have a good thing to say about the Chair Force, but I was impressed with Ashley.

  29. Iphuckedursister Avatar

    I couldnt agree more..He has a fan page on Facebook and has had zero to say to the people who routed him on…ya ya he has his own life and dont we all . Chris lost and was given the title buy someone who had a heart and felt bad for him and his story.People called George and Ashley all kinds of names guranetee most of you kunt muscles wouldnt have the balls to do it to their faces…I laugh at you..hahaha…I say the topdouchbag is the creator of this page much like the I hate George page….

  30. StraightShooter Avatar

    Up until the end of the show, I would have voted for George. But I think it was all an act. The “Top Four” had a “plan”. I think that plan was to make Chris the “Top Shot” due to his personal situation. I think Brian was part of it as well, but he appeared to give Chris a run for his money.

    In the final competition, all of George’s hubris fell away instantly when he threw his last two shots against Chris.

    George, as shown here in the postings, took a lot of heat, but I think he’s a far better guy that he led us all to believe, and as his actions proved later.

  31. dr_don181 Avatar

    I stopped watching after Jay and Jamie got nominated, when Joe missed every shot, At that point it became obvious it was just another “Survivor” episode , not a show to find the best shot.

    George is a clear winner for his performance over the entire season and I can’t help wonder if the US miltary will allow any current serving member of its forces to compete in the future given the behaviour of the “good old boys” in the show which reflected very poorly on US’s armed services, of whom I have immense respect.