A Robber, Slide Locked Gun Threat, Donut Shop Clerk, And Liquid Soap

It would be hard to make something that retarded up; luckily I didn’t have to:

SAN DIEGO – An armed robber forced a donut shop clerk to drink liquid dish soap in an unsuccessful effort to get the combination to the store’s safe, police said.

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12 responses to “A Robber, Slide Locked Gun Threat, Donut Shop Clerk, And Liquid Soap”

  1. Wow, I lived a mile or two from there for many years (and am only a feew more miles from there now). Stopped into that Winchells more than once, too. Crazy!

  2. WOW.. speechless

  3. cobain76 Avatar

    The slide is locked open when he has the gun to the employee’s head making him drink the soap.

  4. I guess the clerk never saw the gun clearly or maybe just did know that he had no ammo/or robber had forgot to chamber the round?

  5. open slide… wow.

  6. Thanatos Avatar

    I was watching it and telling my wife that I would have been making him eat the gun…..#1 for trying to rob me and #2 for being a damned moron with that slide locked open. He’d have known where the slide should be when I had my pistol shoved into his lower ribcage. Making him drinking dish soap?!?! WTF is up with that?!?!? “Vee vill makes him tauk! Vee have dish soap!!!”

    1. Perturbo Avatar

      Stupid should hurt.

  7. If I’d had seen the gun was at slide lock and there was no ammo in the gun I’d have pistol whipped him with his own damn gun.

  8. AMEN.. hasnt this dude at least seen one rap video or gangsta movie.. ?

  9. The gunman was five seven, or that was his IQ?

  10. nofashbang Avatar

    I know that I’m giving the robber too much credit here, but maybe the slide was locked open because of some sort of “open bolt” full automatic modification?

    1. OOOHHH SNAAP!!!!!