Spy Anna Chapman’s Moscow Fashion Week Runway Gun Tomfoolery

The spy oxygen thief herself at Moscow’s fashion week:

I absolutely DESPISE this chick… as far as I’m concerned she basically embodies the Russian equivalent of Jersey Shore.

She should have done some spying on how to properly respect a gun when she was in the U.S. Smooth work on dropping it at the starting of the video too *facepalm*

Success on the title btw! .. I’ve been wanting to use the word Tomfoolery for a while.


16 responses to “Spy Anna Chapman’s Moscow Fashion Week Runway Gun Tomfoolery”

  1. PFULMTL Avatar

    I dunno man, I sure don’t mind her bending over.

    1. PFULMTL Avatar

      I mean, bending her over.

  2. sometimes I really hate the human race

  3. farmboy7.62 Avatar

    Stupid Russians. I’d still hit it.

  4. Fine meat, and about as smart as hamburger to boot.

  5. coyote Avatar

    What fashion was she promoting? Her clothes look like she got them at a flea market.
    When she was suppose to be spying in the USA, all she did was waste the KGB’s money by going clubbing and going to bars to meet rich men (like women usually do).
    Anyhow, I’d probably still bang her!

  6. David Garrett Avatar
    David Garrett

    Who gives a crap about the Lady?! I just want to get a decent look at her handgun! It looks like a Cz-75 or somthin’ or other. Any good guesses?

  7. I absolutely DESPISE this chick…

    Why Mike? Because she spied on the U.S.? That’s all part of the game, isn’t it. I mean, she was a Russian national, not an American spying on their own country for Russia. We’ve got Americans in Russia spying for us, and I wouldn’t consider them despicable. It’s not like she was part of an Al-Qaeda sleeper cell.

    Plus, come on, she’s hot. She’d have to do something way more despicable than spying for her country for me to despise her.

    Unfortunately, my internet is down, and I have to use my BlackBerry tethered to the computer, and the service is too slow where I’m at to watch the video.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      The spying is one thing, but I just have no use for girls that are that big of attention whores. She was in the world news so much after she arrived back in Russia, it was getting sickening, not to mention the thousands of magazine articles on her since then.

      1. Well, women tend to be like that. Men do sometimes too, but it seems women are worse about it. Throw them in the spotlight and they eat it up. Plus, at least she did something to gain her fame. More than being born a hotel heiress, or being adopted by Lionel Ritchie, or having a famous lawyer for a father and famous Olympic gold medalist for a stepfather. She got nabbed while serving her country – she’s probably a hero to a lot of people in Russia.

        As to the spying thing – I’ve got to admit, I wasn’t familiar with what she was accused of doing. I did a little reading last night and it sounded pretty timid. She and her cohorts were charged with having orders to infiltrate the policy-making circles of our country and report back to Moscow. One of the articles mentioned that they were accused of reporting back to Moscow about the 2008 elections. It sounded a lot like they were suppose to report back to Moscow on the sentiments of our people and the thoughts of those in power. Nothing terribly nefarious like stealing blueprints to nuclear facilities or classified documents about military weaponry, no giving up the names of undercover operatives of the U.S. in Russia. These guys weren’t Aldrich Ames or Robert Hanssen. And she wasn’t even charged with espionage; she was charged with failing to register with the U.S. Attorney’s office as an agent of a foreign government. Things like PR firms for foreign companies, foreign tourism boards, foreign airlines, and even Bob Dole when he spent some time advising Taiwan, are agents of a foreign government. Hardly the stuff of spy novels – more like undercover reporting.

  8. dagamore Avatar

    is it just me or does she look a lot like Tiffani-Amber Thiessen?

  9. JoeSmoe Avatar

    I’d love to hate her but she’s hot. Hit that in a heartbeat. She’s desperately trying to hold onto her 15 min.

  10. Unless any of you kids manages to engage in espionage, get caught essentially without consequence, and parlay that into a profitable modelling career, you may want to rethink your definitions of “dumb” and “smart” because that is a better fate than most outed spies can hope for. And why all the hate, anyhow? I don’t get it.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      She has a profitable modeling career? I figured she was still trying to wring the last drop out of her 15 min of fame, and this was another grab at attention.

      1. Well I assume she’s not doing that for free; maybe I assume too much. Still, for a failed spy she seems to be doing spectacularly well. I don’t know her, so any guesses at motivation are just that – guesses. She does fill out those pants rather nicely.

  11. CR Pyro Avatar

    @Mike: I’m not so sure it was accidental. The way the end of the video played it it looks like it was entirely planned and intentional. How many models would be that good to improvise the walking down the runway at gunpoint without going ape**** or acting like a little b*tch?