Naked Florida Man Shoots SWAT Robot With AK-47

WEST MELBOURNE, Fla. — A Brevard County man was naked when he opened fire on a SWAT team robot and it was all caught on video, according to deputies.

The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office said the robot was sent into the West Melbourne home last week because the homeowner had called his family and said he was going to take his own life and the life of anyone who tried to stop him.

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Very selfless of that robot, to sacrifice its life to save the suicidal naked man.

I’m not really sure the point of disallowing embedding… You’re going to have to watch the video on youtube ( HERE ) or at the source page linked above.


8 responses to “Naked Florida Man Shoots SWAT Robot With AK-47”

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  2. PFULMTL Avatar

    Rest In Peace Johnny 5.
    __ __

  3. armed_partisan Avatar

    Umm, why not just let him kill himself and keep from putting our brave robots (and the precious tax dollars which keep them operational) in harms way? Ironically, I live in Brevard County, and this is the first I’ve heard of this (because I don’t watch TV or read the propaganda pages of the dead tree edition).

  4. I suspect Florida has the biggest hits if you combine naked + police for web search.

  5. JonMac Avatar

    Wait til he finds out that was ED-209’s little brother…

  6. How did the robot save a life? The police then had a naked mane, armed with a rifle, inside his home with the taxpayers’ broken robot as a hostage. The situation seemingly got worse in my opinion.

    1. He came out an hit the robot first as well. An officer could have taken him down or shot the bastard in the time it took him to ready his rifle.

      Also, my $200 cell phone has a better camera than that $65,000 robot. We built more sophisticated units for $5,000 in high school.

  7. Chase Avatar

    Chances are it wasn’t a robot, but a remotely operated vehicle (ROV).