War/Military Video Game Villains – Where The Bad Guys Come From

Hahha how did I know that The U.S. and Canada would be void of bad guys.  Classic.

Sooner or later there’s going to be a French Canadian villain, I just know it. That accent is villainous.

The full infographic with the games at geekologie – HERE


6 responses to “War/Military Video Game Villains – Where The Bad Guys Come From”

  1. PFULMTL Avatar

    I was about to call BS, but this is only for FPS games…

  2. WOW, with all the craze with Black Ops I’m surprised Vietnam did make the list

  3. What about the General from Modern Warfare 2? He was a Yankee.

  4. Hey, game designers, leave Red Dawn in the 80’s and think up your own ideas for once.

  5. Um, I hate to be “that guy” especially since I like your blog so much, but….well…. Mexico is part of North America. But, it is interesting how bad guys are either brown or have a thick slavic accent.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Right… OOps ;) Thanks for pointing that out! I edited the post.