Reasons To Stock Up On Ammo – April Fools

USA Ammo took a big chance with this one:

Unlike the other April Fools jokes I posted, this one might do more bad than good.

I don’t really get the Wisconsin union protest one… I could have sworn that was a peaceable “sit in”.


21 responses to “Reasons To Stock Up On Ammo – April Fools”

  1. DCanoe Avatar

    This is bad, really bad. The anti-gun folk are gonna have a field day with this. What was USA AMMO thinking?

  2. Yeah, it’s a little over the top. To me though, I get more annoyed that a professional ad and half of the bloggers on the internet insist on spelling “border” as “boarder”.

    1. Toadstone Avatar

      Heh, I was thinking “boarders” as in, when you are at sea, you “repel all boarders!” when people are trying to get on your ship. Kind of along the same lines as the intent, I guess.

      1. I think they obviously mean that we need to be worried about people who ride skateboards.

  3. Apparently they didn’t use spell check. It’s borders not boarders.

  4. Hell they just put it in print what most free thinking Americans have been thinking….All this chaos is going to get here at some point. Better be ready.

  5. I, for one, like it.

    1. STEVEHOLT Avatar

      Do you guys own USA ammo as well?

  6. That one guy Avatar
    That one guy

    That’s all so wrong. And yet, i’m compelled to start stockpiling.

  7. If you consider the rate they are coming over the wall, “boarders” is about the right term, as in “boarding party”. Hostile boarders no less.

    1. Thats how I saw it. Boarding party.

      The last two work together- All it take for peaceful protest to turn violent is enough people with the intent to destabilize.

  8. retro_joe Avatar

    I’ve been in Madison protesting on several occasions. I really don’t appreciate the comparison to what was an unbelievably peaceful protest.

    1. Peaceful. Really? Seems there was a considerable amount of damage done by the protesters. To the tune of possibly seven million dollars or so.

      Doesn’t sound particularly peaceful to me.

      1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
        Admin (Mike)

        You’re right, all those people should be lined up and shot. What were they thinking… Using tape to put up a sign? Reckless I say!

        Did you even read that article?

        $7 Million to repair that made me LOL … I wonder if a Wisconsin senators family member owns the restoration company that is going to take on this repair?

        1. No, it costs so much because the acid in the tape actually stains the porous marble. In order to remove the stains, the place has to be ground out and the entire piece has to be repolished, not just the stained spot. Apparently it’s a very expensive process, and only a handful of companies do that kind of work, anymore. This is the reason monuments are no longer made of marble.

  9. chemprof Avatar

    Lighten up, people……everyone is so quick to get their undies in a knot these days…. Don’t worry about the anti-gun people. You’ll never be able to reason with them, so stop trying. Nothing we do will EVER make them change their minds one way or another. Open a cold one, order some ammo, and chill.

  10. Armand Avatar

    Unions have nothing to do with this. At least we know someone failed English in high school. And the borders? What? You’re gonna shoot immigrants?

    1. There are no immigrants in the Borders picture. Only criminals, the second they are over the fence.

  11. PFULMTL Avatar

    Although don’t really agree, but the last sentence is true, I do feel better when I have ammo. There were times when I would use up all my ammo at the range. When I didn’t have ammo for just a few weeks, I felt almost insecure. Then I just learned to not shoot all my ammo and keep at least a few mags worth left.

  12. I don’t really get the Wisconsin union protest one… I could have sworn that was a peaceable ”sit in”.

    It was, but I guess if USA Ammo had their way, it would have been a shootout.

  13. Philip Avatar

    I think you are reading way to far into this ad. This ad doesn’t imply going out and shooting protester. I think all it is saying is be able to defend your self during a time of civil unrest especially when things can easily spin out of control.