Historically Hardcore

Done by a couple of students for their art portfolio:

Pure win!

Some more funny ones that’s are not gun related – HERE


7 responses to “Historically Hardcore”

  1. armed_partisan Avatar

    “It takes more than that to kill a BULL MOOSE!”

  2. Wow. Way to pwn the whiny rapper…

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  4. Actually he was shot on the way to the speech. But instead of going to the hospital he went and delivered his 90 minute speech.

  5. armed_partisan Avatar

    I believe he was shot on his way to the stage, but it’s still an awesome example of uber-badassness.

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  7. Shorty Avatar

    He showed a toughness that does not exist in America. Example 7 December 1941 and 11 September 2001, We kicked the Jap ass and let it go, today we are playing paddycakes meanwhile our military is getting shot away along with our rights. What pus**es we’ve become.