Zombies And Guns Wedding Invitation

An actual wedding invitation:

The young couple (pictured) commissioned artist manuel morgado for the job.

Sure beats the usual pastel colors with text in script like we are used to seeing on wedding invitations!


8 responses to “Zombies And Guns Wedding Invitation”

  1. PFULMTL Avatar

    I wonder if they shot the cake instead of cutting it.

  2. It would be great if they portrayed the mothers-in-law as some of the zombies.

  3. Absolute WIN!

  4. El Duderino Avatar
    El Duderino

    Pistol needs a rail and a bayonet. Preferably with a body part still attached.

    And what’s with the guy’s look? “I wonder if I left the oven on…”

  5. What the hell is that in her left hand?
    And yeah, his face definitely doesn’t fit the situation.

    1. It’s another pistol, just like the one in her right hand! If you’re going to nit-pick, the gun in her right hand is a left handed gun and the one in her left hand is a RIGHT HANDED GUN (EJECTION PORTS)!! Also, the shotgun is an autoloader but there’s no charging handle.

      It’s still beyond awesome, in spite of the artistic license taken.

  6. must have been a hell of a honeymoon