Battlefield 3

The graphics and look incredible! Hopefully the gameplay compares.

You can order Battlefield 3 for all major game systems – HERE


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  1. DCanoe Avatar

    Looks pretty immersible and intense. Hopefully the final product will have muzzle discipline and have use of the bolt-release. Hopefully this ends up like Medal of Honor gameplay-wise, but better and longer.

  2. Finnaly a replacement for Battlefield 2 because Bad Company didn’t do it for me.. and COD MW/MW2/COD was the next best things…

  3. Battlefield 3 does look good, but gameplay-wise it will have the same problems most other online games do. A server full of people running whichever way they feel like going with no communication just isn’t fun. That’s where Bad Company 2 really let me down. At least they are going back to their PC roots on this. Though, I’m still more excited for Red Orchestra 2.

    1. that is why i to this day play the “project reality” mod for BF2, even though my computer is very modern, i keep coming back to that mod. i highly suggest you look into it if you haven’t already!

  4. Dennis Avatar

    At 2:02, why does he charge the bolt on his rifle? Wouldn’t the bolt have remained back after the last round in the magazine?

    Cool graphics, terrible muzzle control.

    1. ZBalentine Avatar

      When the weapon goes in to bolt lock on the last round you can either: slap the bolt release using the the semi compressed spring tension to send the bolt and round into battery, or rack the charging handle to the rearward machanical limit of the weapon, compressing the spring to a bit further and let it snap (slingshot) forward driving the bolt and round into chamber.

      It’s a training/doctrine issue. Some say releasing the bolt catch can give a less that positive charge of the weapon and not send the bolt all the way into battery, forcing you to tap the forward assist to push the bolt into battery, adding seconds to getting your weapon back in the fight. This can be true on military weapons that don’t get thier recoil springs changed very often, or very dirty guns that are starting to build up carbon/dirt/dust all throughout the upper reciever. Both of those are realities for .mil folk. So the training fix has been to rack the charging handle to charge the weapon as a more reliable way to get back in action.

      1. Priest Avatar

        video games, man. If he does it right, it makes the reload faster. so, for game balance, the loading, fire rates, and bullet “power” are all carefully tweaked to make the game fair.

        Battlefield does this in all the games; every single reload is followed by racking the charging handle, and you can’t “plus one” the weapon.

        also, training fix? never heard that. is it a police thing? its not a combat arms bit.

    2. Imagine how much programing would have to go into a multiplayer game to give the in game charicters muzzle control?

      Maybe in the future, but not yet.

  5. “I’m fucked up but I’m up”
    love it.

  6. @1:50

    Finally!!! I always hated military shooters where you couldn’t drag your wounded to safety. In the likes of Modern Warfare, your fellow soldiers just died to wow you as part of the scenery while you moved on as the typical invincible lone wolf. There are some games with this mechanic (Army of Two, Gears of War), but it is about time it is done in, “realistic,” game. I really hope this game has co-op!

  7. If you guys are looking for a realistic shooter check out BF2 Project Reality mod and ARMA2.