Taking The AK-47 Out For A Stroll Open Carry Style

“There is a place and a time for open carry” <— Oh please…

As long as open carry is legal in your state, as far as I’m concerned the cops shouldn’t even be able to stop you.   Sadly that will never happen.

As the open carrier said, “I don’t care if people feel safe or not”. I fully agree with that too. If you can’t handle the laws in the state you live in, then move.


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  1. I signed the petition for open carry for Texas. Checked it again and its only 70K…don’t think its going to get passed sigh.

  2. “I don’t need a lecture”
    “Well you know what, that’s my right.”
    It’s your right to give people a lecture on what they’re doing is perfectly legal? If it’s legal why do you take up people’s time and harass them? I hope Adam gets his CCW so he doesn’t have to put up with the police crap.

    1. I am a MN resident. It’s people like Adam, who should not be given “CCW” permit. It’s this stupid attitude of filming oneself and then putting it on YouTube, that makes them sound and look daft beyond any help. The guy has already been denied his “CCW” once; which means that he has had some problems with the law. Hopefully, they take away his guns and his camera.

      FYI – It is a “Permit to Carry” in MN and not CCW. I have a Permit to Carry, and post this comment as a responsible gun owner.

      1. Hopefully, they take away his guns and his camera.”


      2. Fuck kill rape the police Avatar
        Fuck kill rape the police

        Dude shut up

  3. Everytime I see this type of thing, I can’t help but think of the old fun of replacing the word “gun” (since, after-all, it’s just another inanimate object without a mind of its own) with something else:

    “You should stop carrying around that Christian cross pendant on your necklace.”
    “What? Excuse me?”
    “Yeah, it makes some people uncomfortable, so you should forgo your own rights in order to keep their minds at peace.”
    “Why don’t they educate themselves and realize that it’s not going to hurt them?”
    “Well, it’s just in general these people don’t know much about Christianity, so we’d prefer if you just practiced your rights in a different manner than going around scaring people.”

    Could you imagine the backlash that’d have in the news? Replace “firearm” and/or “firearm owner” with any religious/racial term and see how horrible it sounds. This type of treatment is ridiculous. Kudos to this “Adam” for defending not only himself, but his rights.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Wow, that is a great analogy! I’m going to use that on someone next time the topic comes up.

      1. I can’t remember which blog author I stole this from. He’s posted the argument numerous times and I admire it – I’ll post back if I see another of his posts or recall who it is for his credit.

  4. i live in a open carry state. i know the laws. if a guy i dont know is walking down my street where my kids are riding there bikes, my neighbors grilling outside, im danm sure gona call the cops and go get my gun. you want to put on a show, ill help you by legally open carrying my 100 round drum attached to my ar and what ever else guns i manage to strap on. if you feel you need to open carry your ak to pick up your car from the shop, you need to move to a safer place. dont waist the cops time and my tax dollars because 10 people called 911.

    1. diesel556 Avatar

      Self righteous overmuch? I’m glad that there is nothing that you can do to prevent me from exercising my RIGHT to open carry. It sounds like you only approve of inalienable rights if they are exercised in a manner that you approve of (or maybe you don’t approve of them at all?). A stranger walking near your children should put you on alert period, the gun has nothing to do with it.

    2. if you don’t want yout tax dollars getting waisted move somewhere you don’t have to pay taxes or don’t pay your taxes, or get the laws changed

  5. Although is is indeed completely legal to open carry an AK, use some better judgement. Most of us here understand gun safety and whatnot, but most people are going to be intimidated by the sight of a large gun. This is only going to give the impression that gun owners are all nutty. If you want to promote open carry, do it in a more reasonable manor to show that you have sound judgement.

    1. diesel556 Avatar

      Many people don’t think ANY kind of open carry is reasonable. What would you do then? Ignore the people who didn’t think that pistol carry was reasonable? Doesn’t that make you a hypocrite?

    2. how is that not a reasonable manner

    3. Bil Aldrich Avatar
      Bil Aldrich

      Diesel and Ryan, you are entirely correct. Geoff et al, I too hail from Alaska. People’s paper-thin impressions are not what our founding fathers fought to protect for us. They bled to establish a set of INALIENABLE Constitutional laws that cannot be misinterpreted and shall not be infringed, around which all other laws may be built in strict compliance–which works now and will always function as it did when first our republic and free society was forged. Exercising “sound judgement” requires that we uphold these laws and the spirit thereof, irrespective of any perceived infringement on individuals’ sensitivities. First and absolutely foremost, defense of self, family, and property is a fundamental Natural Right, secured in our Constitution necessarily WITHOUT regard for whether or not some may feel intimidated. Furthermore, simply carrying (even when fully exposed and displayed) is NOT blandishment, and retreating from this position and practice is perpetuating the prevalence of society’s anti-gun segment by giving that inch from which they will surely take a mile. Carry out in the open did not in these States United historically result in either crime or unrest–certainly not resulting in the alienation of a contingent that feels that these mere tools are an inherent threat. Even the mere existence of some States’ laws requiring a government-issued permit to conceal is itself a clear violation on an Amendment that must not be compromised. In essence, any law-abiding citizen must be able to carry even the largest and most “menacing looking” of weapons without any form of detention or confiscation, per our sound and sensible Constitutional provision. I implore that you exercise and enjoy your freedoms with confidence and the assurance that they exist BECAUSE and not IN SPITE of our permanent rights put forth by men who invested more care, energy, and consideration than any today could ever invest in trying to erode or eradicate.

  6. I actually think the second police officer did a great job. The first guy was a jerk but the second guy actually did a great job trying to talk with him and never tried to step on his rights.

    My personal opinion is that this guy had an ax to grind and basically was looking for trouble. Yes it is his right, it’s also my right to flick off any one going down the road and to basically be a dick, but I don’t do it.

    There’s a lot I don’t do just to be polite.

    1. diesel556 Avatar

      Stopping the open carrier IS stepping on his rights. They have no legal capability to detain an American citizen without RAS of an actual crime being committed (or having recently been committed by someone matching that persons description, etc.)

      They violated his rights. Both of them.

  7. I don’t get the appeal of open carry. The guy in the video calls people a bitch if they don’t open carry but its tactically UNSOUND!

    I wonder if this guy thats so gung-ho about open carry has his ccw

    1. diesel556 Avatar

      Since you are an expert on tactically sound methods of carry, may I ask how many robberies you have stopped by carrying a CONCEALED weapon? That’s right, zero.

      There have been several incidents of robberies that were stopped by the simple presence of an open carrier. An obvious physical deterrent is a tactical advantage in some situations.

      1. SPC Fish Avatar
        SPC Fish

        or it will very likely make you the first person they shoot. it all depends on the robber and his or her state of mind.

        1. Bil Aldrich Avatar
          Bil Aldrich

          Diesel556 and SPC Fish are both correct, and our best defense is for it to become common knowledge amongst the criminal community that the public will be a homogeneous mixture of those who carry open and concealed. In this way, the deterrent exists and they will know that their lead zeppelin to Hell may come from any–or all–directions.

  8. He actually mentions and the police do as well that he was “unjustly” denied his CCW

  9. The cops were totally justified in their approach and what they were trying to talk to him about. “Adam” is clearly trying to make a point, and was rude and defensive. I understand the idea of wanting to exercise your rights, but he’s not doing himself or anyone else who wants to open-carry any favors. If there were people driving down that street who were undecided on open-carry, seeing some guy walk down the road with an machine gun on their back is going to pretty quickly make them want to overturn the law.

    It’s just my opinion, but this is making a mistake by doing what he’s doing. We, as firearm enthusiasts, need to be more aware of the big picture and how simply exercising our rights can hurt our cause.

    1. diesel556 Avatar

      The police had no RAS to detain him. They were absolutely not justified.

  10. This is in Houghton, Michigan. A small college town way up in the UP. Certainly a pretty conservative area, I lived there for 5 years.

    For being such a small town there were a high number of stabbings a few years back across the river, but I never felt the need to exercise my right to carry, especially down main street (Sharon Ave mentioned by the cops is a main road that connects the shopping area with the school).

    I certainly wouldn’t feel warm and cozy seeing a guy walking toward a college campus with an AK-47 slung on his back, and I’m glad the cops stopped him to gauge what was going on.

    I know the cops that stopped him. They’re nice guys.

  11. This guy is a jacka**. We get his point – he repeats it 20 times. If we’re commenting in this blog, we likely believe in all of the same pro second amendment rights, and state open carry rights as he does. As mentioned above, it doesn’t mean you go out looking to prove a point to the extreme. What irks me the most is the way he is talking to the first cop. Have some f’n respect – for a cop, or anyone. He could have been much more effective without escalating the conversation. Also, he is not going to garner public support by taking an assault rifle into public, but rather turn opinion the other way as these things pop up in the news. He may “not care”, until that right is taken away. As @Scott mentions – just because you could, doesnt mean you should. Common sense…not so common…

    1. Toadstone Avatar

      I kind of felt that way as well. Maybe he should not raise his voice, and stay more steady and calm. And he should also try not to laugh at the cops as much.

  12. Clever guy, pushing his approval of a CCW permit because “the general public is not secure” with a legal open carry law

  13. Dutch Vanders Avatar
    Dutch Vanders

    Stunts like this are just going to cause those of us who have enough sense to walk through town with a rifle slung over our backs to lose our rights. It’s not just about having the right, it’s about having the common sense not to be a show-boating dweeb about it. There’s a time and a place for open carry and the middle of town just isn’t the place to do it.

    Being an asshole will just piss off people who don’t care or who are ambivalent about firearms and will just lead to more firearms laws for the sake of “sensibility.”

  14. I dunno what to think. On one had, I’m pro go. On the other hand, there’s a time and place for things. I’m fine if you open carry a pistol, but if you’re going to open carry an AK for no reason but to prove a point or because you can then yeah, you deserve to be stopped and questioned.

    Yes, it’s clearly legal in that state. But if I looked out my window, even knowing that it was legal, and saw a guy carrying an AK walking down the middle of the road, I’d call the cops. Sorry, but while it’s your right, it’s also dangerous and just asking for trouble.

  15. This guy is clearly an a**. Yes, I am pro gun in every aspect, but this guy pushed it just a little to far. Open carry is a great thing, when used CORRECTLY! I mean come on… open carry of an AK, down a public road (with clearly a fair amount of traffic)? It’s guys like this that are going to push the envelope past the breaking point and cause all of us to lose our rights, just because they wanted to be a**holes about it and see what they can get away with. I agree with everyone else, if I saw a guy walking down my street with an AK slung on his back i’m defiantly calling the cops and sitting on my porch with my .45 in my lap until they get there.
    Kudos to a**hole adam for reaching a new level of douche.

    1. “CORRECTLY” It really is funny the amount of people that replied that think open carry is only for hand guns. If you think a pistol is the only thing people should open carry that’s the pretty much the same as saying you can only have free speech if I agree with you or it doesn’t offend anyone. Maybe he is making a point it seems the public and police aren’t getting it and that is the real problem, Adam is in the right not the other way around. Also the cops should redial who ever called 911 and tell them the law and tell them to stop wasting their time.

      1. Your analogy of free speech to that of open carry of an assault rifle is just plain ridiculous. This is not an issue about whether you CAN or not. We’ve established that you can. It’s about whether you should, as someone who should respect the impact of your actions on the other Americans you live with. If you understand that the general population would be afraid for their families and kids or perceive that someone is potentially up to no good walking down the street with an AK on their shoulder- why would you WANT to create that type of fear in others? Why does one NEED to. To say “because you can” is juvenile and lacks intelligence. This is not the civil war era. This is not Afghanistan. This is 21st century America. We all believe in a persons right to bear arms – but you have to temper that with respect for your community and fellow citizens.

        1. @Gary:
          If ignorant people get the idea from movies that all cell phones are actually doomsday devices, should you stop carrying one?

          If people begin to give up their own rights for the comfort of others, how soon is it before no rights are left? The comfort of the ignorant is a poor reason for anyone to leave themselves defenseless or halt their tongue.

          Would you like to be held responsible for the ignorance of others? That is – unless you’re given their childhood to teach them and their time in school to make sure that they actually get an education.

          1. Cameron Avatar

            @ Dayid

            It’s not so much about giving up their rights, it’s how he goes about it. If he’s going to OC an AK then yes, people are going to panic. Now, had he OCed a handgun, I bet you any money he would have been fine, and a lot less calls would go out.

            Carrying a pistol would be an easy compromise between scaring the shit out of everybody, and yet still being able to defend himself if needed. Personally I’d rather the pistol. Imagine what would happen if you overpenetrated with it and hit a bystander? “Man brings AK to convenience store, kills robber and accidentally kills 4 year old” could the next headline. Better to use a pistol and just drop the robber on the spot, with a little less chance of the round going straight through.

            1. Was the 4 year old on the counter? shot placement and knowing whats behind your target are always going to come into affect when having to shot in self defense you can still over penetrate with a 9mm. I’ve had to use a ak in self defense (Drunk neighbor that was high on meth trying to break down my door) and the first thing I did was line the target up with a 6′ diameter tree behind him, never had to take the shot but it was always on my mind where the bullets would go.

        2. If someone fears an object that much they should not live in a country that allows people to keep and bare them arms not non scary arms or small arms

  16. If the city/county had just given him his CCW then there would be no problem. Looks like the government brought this problem upon itself.

    1. The video is just 16 minutes of his life, and most of us are convinced he’s an a$$ and a D-dag. The authorities in Michigan are probably completely correct in NOT issuing him a CCW.

      He made the video to get a rise out of people. Otherwise, why film it? The first cop was right, that Adam is attempting to “push the envelope”. In my opinion, if this is a representive sample of this guys normal behavior, he has a distinct lack of situational awareness and he may end up injuring himself or others.

  17. This is just a few hours north of me, interesting…

  18. Hizenburg Avatar

    Think of how much time would be saved each day if they would just have CCW in every state and let the people choose if they want to CCW or Open Carry. Also educate the officers on the Open carry law, as most dont seem to be informed about the right to carry, now a lot of people say the AK is over the top, well (Im not 100% knowledgeable on the U.P.s law) Does the law have restriction on what guns you can carry? Should it? NO. He may be trying to make a point but if more people open carried there would be less calls into the police.

  19. This guy is an ass, thanks for encouraging his ego by linking his video.

  20. I have a co-worker who remembers the day when he bought an AR15 SP1 evil black rifle, slung it over his shoulder, then proceeded next door to the mall to shop. No one bothered him. How times change.

  21. Evil Josh Avatar
    Evil Josh

    The guy is blunt, but I wouldn’t go so far as to call him an asshole.

    I am pretty disappointed with a number of the replies so far. Conducting yourself in a legal fashion should not earn you a visit with the police. I understand the inherent need to further investigate MWAG calls, but the investigation does not necessarily need to involve the actual MWAG.

    911 Dispatcher: What is your emergency?

    Concerned Citizen: There is a man with a gun walking down the road!

    911 Dispatcher: OK, sir, what is he doing?

    Concerned Citizen: He has a gun and he is walking down the road!

    911 Dispatcher: Is he handling the gun, making threats or otherwise acting in a threatening manner?

    Concerned Citizen: No, he isn’t, but I don’t want to see a man with a gun on the side of the road! That is dangerous!

    911 Dispatcher: Well, sir, if he isn’t doing anything overtly threatening with the gun, like handling it or waving it around, he is operating within the law. It is legal to open carry firearms in our great state.

    Concerned Citizen: How can that be legal? This man has a gun in public! He is brandishing it!

    911 Dispatcher: Sir, if he was brandishing it, it would be in his hand or he would be making threatening gestures with it. If it is holstered or slung over his back, he is operating within the law.

    The lady that called about the Madison 5 is a great example of how the -call- should be handled, except when police involvement was introduced. She called in, concerned, and was informed that the gentlemen were acting legally. At the end of the call she actually felt a bit bad that she had involved the police. It’s too bad the police came anyways and ended up arresting people that were following the letter of the law.

    Education is key.

  22. The second cop seems nice, when “Adam” seems to get on his shoulder.
    “I figured it was you, and it was…”

    “They’re [civilians] afraid you [the police] are going to shoot them!” if they OC.


    “We’re in an age…” When I heard the cop say that, I felt sad.

    I have no doubt in my mind that “Adam” was having an anxiety high from his encounter with the police. Anytime the police show up they’re on high-anxiety at times also. I’m sure if he paused for a moment he’d be able to assess the situation he wouldn’t have to break the balls of the second cop. This situation while high-anxiety (for even me as a viewer) still seem to end on a reasonable note.

    His other videos are lol-worthy, such as this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yKZvUuYfd34

    At the end of the day the law IS. “[The] [l]aw is the correct judgment of the state.” – So-crates

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Ugh don’t even get me started on that other video. :P I have that scheduled to post tomorrow!

      1. Doesn’t he kind of sound like Seth Rogen at times in that video? lol

  23. PFULMTL Avatar

    Sounds like people still have a problem accepting the AK as a decent firearm instead of thinking people are terrorists. What if he carried an AR platform rifle, M1A, etc? Would people have seen him as a good guy?
    What if he wore a ghillie suit and had long range weapon on his back? Maybe thats all he had to wear that was clean.

  24. Now that I’ve watched this video in its entirety and a few of his other videos I’m a little surprised I don’t know the guy. I shot at the local club in several bigger matches and all of the pistol clubs and events for the last couple years I was living there.

    On the other hand he doesn’t come across as a very people-friendly person, so maybe he just shoots his AK at the quarry and keeps to himself. Our club shoots would probably be “too safe” for his taste judging from some other videos, being that we didn’t allow people to walk around with loaded guns and had to be sticklers about gun safety rules for all of the new shooters we had.

    If this isn’t his first encounter with the local PD regarding his open-carry actions I’m wondering why it went the way it did. The first cop (whom I think is the guy usually behind the desk downtown) clearly wasn’t familiar with him, but as soon as the second cop comes up things should have been over a lot faster.

    And there’s a difference between open carry, and being a dick about it. I’m not saying that he shouldn’t carry the AK, but he sounded like he expects the cops to go out of their way to accommodate him and educate the community. He never tried to raise community awareness to my knowledge, and I never met him when there was a small group that organized to wear empty holsters on campus during the small protests after Virginia Tech, or during other events.

    The town is only a few thousand people and the active gun groups are pretty familiar with each other.

    It’s also a shorter walk to the county building with the clerk’s office and sheriff’s station than it is to his wife’s work. I suspect if he’s having issues with his CPL (carry pistol license, CCW in Michigan) it’s not just a misunderstanding or simple mistake in paperwork.

  25. What a douche.


    Antisocial personality disorder is no joke people. If I looked like that, I suppose I’d be a little antisocial too, but who knows. Those glasses sure are intimidating though.

    1. Evil Josh Avatar
      Evil Josh

      Douche, ok. Antisocial personality disorder, maybe. Joking on his looks? If you are the Josh that usually posts(I understand you may not be), I thought you were better than that man. You usually provide insightful and intelligent comments. This seemed a little beneath you.

      1. After watching a couple of his videos where he rants about this and that, I couldn’t help but think that not only does this guy behave like an asshole, talk like an asshole, but he even looks like an asshole. Who knows, maybe some people turn into assholes because they’re embarrassed by their other shortcomings. Maybe that’s what’s going on here. But if he’s going to publicly put himself out there on display telling people they are “fucking pussies” and need to “grow some fucking balls,” I think it’s fair game to point out that he even looks like a douchebag.

        Watching his videos, listening to him speak with all the eloquence of a dog shit receptacle at the park, and his mannerisms as he did so, I couldn’t help but think this guy seems like the total asshole package. I found myself thinking this is exactly the type of person I would expect to get in a fight at a youth sports activity. I don’t know why that popped into my head, but it was quickly followed by the image of Randy Marsh, Stan’s dad on South Park, in the episode where he keeps getting drunk and getting in fights at the little league games. And as he’s being taken away in handcuffs each time, he keeps yelling, “What, I thought this was America. Isn’t this America?”

        So, perhaps my comment was a bit harsh, but that’s how repulsive I find everything about this guy. I can’t bring myself to feel sorry for the comment.

        1. Evil Josh Avatar
          Evil Josh

          No worries man, you have your reasons for your opinion. I wasn’t trying to get you to change your mind or eke out an apology. I was simply making an observation on what you said, and how you had presented yourself previously.

          I’ve never viewed personal attacks as an effective way to discuss something, especially something that is controversial. In my opinion, it shouldn’t matter if you are an asshole, look like an asshole, and have the word ‘asshole’ tattooed on your forehead, conducting yourself legally shouldn’t have you dealing with the police on the regular. Rights aren’t there just for the courteous, polite and thoughtful.

          1. With most, if not all rights, comes a responsibility to exercise that right in a responsible manner. I think that’s perhaps never more true than with something as serious and potentially harmful as a firearm. “Because you can” does not automatically equate to “it’s a good idea to do so.”

            In one of his other videos that I saw, he states that he was denied his concealed carry permit because he had been charged, as a juvenile, with a crime that would be considered a felony if he had been an adult. He then stated something to the effect that it couldn’t have been true, because he remembers every time he was arrested and the other times he got away from the cops. Point is, he doesn’t come off sounding like a law-abiding, upstanding citizen.

            Now, certainly everyone is entitled to make youthful mistakes (although he seems to be referring to multiple incidents), but his current actions and statements make me think that, among other things, he is preoccupied with carrying a firearm. That, I think, should be concerning to all law-abiding, responsible firearm owners. When I mentioned antisocial personality disorder earlier, you conceded, “maybe.” Admittedly, that’s a pretty serious diagnosis. It’s often ambiguously used with “sociopathic” and “psychopathic.” A more appropriate term might be “borderline antisocial.” I wouldn’t be surprised to find that those he works with, and those he lives near, would describe him as being antisocial, or having an apparent personality disorder.

            I’m not kidding when I say that I think this guy has some issues, and he’s not, in my mind, the kind of person I think should be walking around in public with a firearm. His obvious aggression, and preoccupation with being able to walk around armed is worrying. I made the comment earlier about the kind of guy who picks a fight at a little league game – well, he seems like that type of asshole, and the type who wants to carry a gun in the hopes that he will get in, or manufacture even, a confrontation where he can use that weapon (not necessarily to shoot someone, but to intimidate them perhaps). There’s another video I watched a little bit of on his youtube page called something like “Why You Shouldn’t Fuck With People.” I only watched the first little bit of it, but he’s wearing a jacket and begins showing the weaponry that he’s hiding under his clothes. He pulls out an AK with a folding stock that’s hidden under his jacket. This doesn’t appear to be a public service announcement about doing unto others and being nice to your fellow man; rather, it seems more like he’s stating, “You shouldn’t fuck with me, ‘cause I’m a badass.” (Complete with the badass sunglasses.)

            I guess in summary, some people aren’t responsible or mature enough to handle their rights. This guy’s actions and statements make me think he’s a prime example of that.

            He and Leonard Embody should get together and buy a piece of property out in the middle of nowhere where they can spend all of their time taking turns walking around their property carrying all the weapons they can manage. I’m sure their respective neighbors would all gladly see them go.

            1. Evil Josh Avatar
              Evil Josh

              Josh, my friend, it appears we are not diametrically opposed by our names alone. I will agree with you on a few points(similarities between Mr. Embody and the ‘gentleman’ in the video, his aggressiveness, and his lack of tact in utilizing his rights), but it is the meat of your post I disagree with. I should be clear, though, as it is not necessarily specifics that I disagree with, as much as it is your overall message. Rights are a funny thing. You either have them, or you do not.

              The line of thought that I will quote you on: “Because you can” does not automatically equate to “it’s a good idea to do so.” is something that I cannot get behind. What you consider distasteful could be(as is the case for the guy in the video) considered appropriate. These different takes on what is acceptable in society is what makes our rights that much more powerful. Rights aren’t meant to be subjective, even if we still debate their true meanings, they are meant to be a basic rule, that cannot and should not be ignored. As far as rights are concerned, while you have them, there is no requirement to to use them in any way other than legally.

              The right of free speech has been used irresponsibly countless times over in our history, whether it was the KKK, Westboro Baptist or any other ‘hate’ group. These individuals and organizations would most definitely be considered assholes or douchebags by a majority of Americans. Even if I do not agree with their message or the use of their right, I agree with their ability to use it as they see fit.

              The right to vote is another example. Some could and do say that people have been irresponsible or immature exercising this right. Voting for a person based on looks, or how often you have seen them on television, seems like a much more far reaching danger than a single person with a gun. Apathy, uninformed voting and voting ‘just republican’ or ‘just democrat’ could also be considered misuse of the right, but it really isn’t. You are not required to be knowledgeable to vote, you just need a social security number(and not be a felon, sigh).

              The right to be free from illegal search and seizure is the last example I will use, although there are others. This one isn’t based as much on irresponsibility of the user as the other two, but it can still apply to irresponsible persons. If you place a meth-head with a record(depending on the record, felons are for another discussion, and for the record, I am not a felon) next to me, and introduce a police officer into the equation, the meth-head maintains the same right as I do to not be searched illegally. Has he abused or misused that right previously? Possibly. Does that change it’s value compared to my own right? It shouldn’t.

              I understand that those examples could be considered good reasons to take away rights from idiots, but those very idiots personify some of the best examples of what a ‘right’ is.

              1. I think a saying about the First Amendment is applicable to his use of the Second; “I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to death your right to say it” (or something along those lines).

                I will agree with Josh though – the man doesn’t seem right, very confrontational and unbalanced.

                If his goal is to educate people about open carry by doing so with the AK there are better ways than to strut outside and say “fuck you” to anyone who thinks or acts like he’s abnormal.

                No, I think his goal is to get attention and to lash out in some way. Perhaps in regards to his carry license being denied, perhaps for some other reason.

                If I met the guy I don’t think I’d want to stick around him too long. I’m no sheep and I don’t want to take his guns away, I just don’t want to be near him and guns at the same time. I would bet he’s had a few negligent discharges in his time, and if not, well he doesn’t exactly instill me with confidence that he won’t.

  26. […] thought the guy from the Taking The AK-47 Out For A Stroll Open Carry Style video I posted a few days ago was a loudmouth douche, but that still didn’t affect my opinion […]

  27. Frank S Avatar

    I remember kids like this growing up. No matter what the issue they would always take the “anti” approach. This guy needs to grow up or get a clue. The only change he’s going to achieve is to get open carry repealed.

    That and he doesn’t strike me as an intellectual giant either.

  28. GruntDoc Avatar

    I’ll acknowledge that I’m naturally suspicious, but does anybody else get the sense that he may have called the police himself? With the number of times he mentioned having the police called, how happy he seemed when the first officer was pulling up, and the fact that he says this is only the second time the police have actually shown up, which happens to be when he was filming, just makes me think he wanted this to happen just so he could post it.

    1. I don’t think he did. I think it just reinforces the point that people are generally not comfortable with someone walking down the street with an AK. Right or wrong, and we can thank the media for a lot of this, people associate assault rifles (especially someone openly visible in public with one) with someone who has an agenda to kill and has likely lost their marbles. Again, we can all have our opinions on open carrying an AR in public, but the fact remains that it does freak people out, and I’m not the least bit surprised that the first person that drive by him called 911, and police were immediately dispatched. It was a long video, and the dispatch time seemed normal. In my neighborhood then would have been there in half the time…

  29. Can’t imagine why they denied his cc license… :P

  30. Well, to all the shit talkers, grow up. To all the people that think me open carrying an AK47 will get you OC rights taken away, try looking up the law. Almost every state with OC has a (preemptive gun law) making any new city or local ordenances that restrict gun rights null and void. I like how all you “know-it-alls” always start these shit talking forums…. And to the people that agree with me, thank you for keeping yourself informed. And standing up for what you believe. All the people that talk shit are the ones that only watched my AK47 OC videos. If they watched my other OC videos they might not feel the same way. The point is, I carry what ever I feel like carrying and what ever feels comfortable. If your not comfortable carrying a rifle, don’t. I don’t recommend people that are scared of guns to carry them. Even CC. And if people payed attention, they would know that I’ve known the local police here for 10+ years personally. So if I come off as a “dick” that only because I know these guys and am not a scared deer in headlights when police come around. If you are, maybe you should just stay at home.

    1. Scott Avatar

      someone’s trolling

  31. Yeah we as gun enthusiasts need to realize that for every one of us who know how to properly handle a firearm or of a sane mind there are many out there who are not. This is why people dislike open carry. If something happens and innocent people get hurt we all get screwed. I see it pointless to have open carry in my opinion but again it comes down to the states and such. Id much rather have our officers stop people who openly carry just to be safe and I wouldnt mind it if it happened to me in the least. We have a absolute right to own a firearm but we all have to be wise about it.

  32. you’re all really stupid. sorry i dont have time to waste on arguing with every single comment on the page, for or against adam’s behavior.

  33. Bruce H Crocker Avatar
    Bruce H Crocker

    Any one who advocates that it is perfectly reasonable for civilians to be walking around in the public with AK-47s strung from their shoulders is an absolute lunatic!! Also, given that it is apparently these idiots’ right to do so in some states, for them and/or any supporter of such lunacy, to claim that the police should NOT have any right to question them….as to who they are and to produce valid evidence of their open/carry permit……….they are even worse idiots and a danger to any mentally sound person in that state! And the remark which introduces the idiot in the video, which states that if I am not 100% pro guns……………fuck off!” also confirms that you are a mentally challenged idiot! I have nothing against sensible pro-gun laws, so I did, and will watch it as many times as I choose and “bitch” about what I see as absolute lunacy! My right to do that is written somewhere in your Bill of Rights too…you might want to check that out!