Dual Attached Full Auto Glocks

Well this is definitely on my wish list:

Source – Casatic

By the look of the 2nd picture, the Glocks are both ejecting downwards, which means that one of them must have been modified with a custom slide to eject left! That is so damn awesome, I don’t even know what else to say.

The fact that they are attached, have a red dot on them, and are in that custom suspenders holster is just the icing on the cake.

Oh if only I could pick two of these up at the law enforcement price of $507….


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  1. thats gangsta.

    1. If you look to the left of the red dot it has fiber optic HoMeBoY NyTe SyTeS.

  2. The important question is, are they regulated to the same point of impact? :)


  3. But can you get it with a shoulder thing that goes up?

  4. no guns were modified to eject a different way. the one on the right hand side has room to clear the scope mount. remember the slide goes back, the barrel doesn’t go forward

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      That was my original thought, but in the picture there are only 2 pieces of brass and they are both coming out the bottom which led me to believe one was modified.

      1. In the second photo, you can see the extractor on the right side of the right hand glock. So it isn’t modified to eject left.

  5. That may be the most pointless thing I’ll see all week.

  6. Oh yes, the famous Doppleglockenspielenhandlebarengewehr.

  7. If you listen closely, quietly, you can hear the sound of heads imploding all over the nation, every time a gun banner gets this picture in an email…..

  8. Talk about an awkward stance. Somehow this guy doesn’t project the sort of gangsta image that I’d associate with this kind of project. No doubt 50 Cent is pleased and will be buying one gold plated.

  9. He told you he was hardcore.

  10. That mustache is hardcore. I don’t know which is more scary it or the dual Glocks.

  11. I suppose if you’re going to shoot your cock off, you might as well do it full-auto.

  12. I feel like the only thing to say is “DERP”
    the recoil would be really odd i can’t imagine what it would be like. sadly the mag releases are on opposing sides (right handed) so ejected the left hand magazine would be hard.

  13. Is that G. Gordon Liddy?

  14. A solution in search of a problem.

  15. Kind of like a .50 BMG necked down to .22 caliber. Done purely for the sake of saying it was doable.

  16. A problem in search of a problem!

  17. Have you all seen the double attached CZ 52’s?

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Yea. Not quite as cool because they are CZs… still pretty cool though. ;)

  18. Two more things worth noting:

    One, did anyone notice there’s a backup set of iron sights to the right of the scope?

    And second, what’s the chances a case ejected from Gun A could “stovepipe” Gun B? Seems to me that could be a fairly common occurrence over the course of a couple fast magazines.


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  20. Burnse Avatar

    The caption in the second picture made me think it has something to do with this company. http://www.sportgewehr.de/glocktuning.php
    Not sure though. My German skills are nonexistent

    1. Perturbo Avatar

      IE has a translator, and there is aways bablefish. Can’t apply at the moment.

  21. it looks like he’s riding a motorcycle of death and destruction.

  22. McSmartypants Avatar

    Thing is though, ever tried firing a gun gangsta style? Trajectory is waaay off.

    So yeah, compared to an unmodified Glock, you’d need the extra gun and extra ammo to get the same amount of hits :p

  23. Rock Ravn Avatar
    Rock Ravn

    Is he holding a cracker in the second picture? lol

    1. Wolfram Avatar

      No. He’s holding a FMJ 9mm round.

  24. I wonder about the destructive force from the recoil. Firing these would be like a head on collision on each gun every time it was fired.

  25. that set up almost looks as gay as the shooter.

  26. Is that Bobby Bushay with a set of Glocks. You go waterboy.

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  28. GLOCKROCKS Avatar


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  31. muthafucka Avatar

    No left hand mag release on the leffty same with the fancy slide release all that time and money but no lefty mag releasewtf were they thinking and they are definitely awesome idea though hes holding a bullet you idget
    @mcsmartypants really trajectory changes from rolling the cased ammo or is be cause you roll th round barrel or is just Bc your stupid and don’t understand how physics really works
    @Fgsfds. You obbviously don’t understand how glocks work you know that partook on the side called the ejector do you understand that it ejects the spent shell to the right when shooting correctly so now knowing that add in some gravity to the mix do ya think the gun will even cycle with that steel right there ill tell you what lil guy place a piece of steel on any of any of your guns any one hold it there with your trigger finger fire the weapon with your fuck you finger in any orientation I guarantee you wont get three rounds through that gun

  32. muthafucka Avatar

    Better option is the new 1911 I think diublestar not sure two 1911 double trigger or single side by side milled from the same steel one alighted sight set with barrels alighted for 25 or 50 two single stake mags should have used sti doubles but whatever amazing fucking gun I might give my Dick for the dual 1911 single trigger version goes auto according to atria law one pull fires two rounds if that ain’t bad Ase idol what is