Philosoraptor Weighs In On Guns Killing People


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  1. Ole'wolf Avatar

    Okay, maybe I’m just REALLY old, but why the extra three toasts?

    As an aside – I always wanted to make the arguement “Do knives kill people? Do pools kill people? Do cars kill people?”… then they came out with these self-parking cars and I’m just waiting for some kid or old or hanicapped person getting run over by a car that didn’t see them…

  2. The middle “toast” is a verb, “toast” one and three are nouns.

  3. Actually, toasters toast BREAD.

  4. Pffftt….this philosoraptor isn’t that good. Toasters don’t toast toast. People toast toast.

    Association Proof!:
    Guns are used to kill people
    People use guns
    (note: since “use” and “are used to” are similar we’ll assume they are the same for this proof)
    Thus, People kill People

    Toasters are used to toast toast
    People use toasters
    Thus, People toast toast

    Yay proofs!

    1. Dr. irrelevant Avatar
      Dr. irrelevant

      People turn on the toaster but aren’t toasting the bread themselves, the toaster prior to being activated begins the process of toasting bread all by it’s self…. now if it had said “Does that mean toasters don’t active the toaster to toast bread, but Bread activates the toaster to toast bread..” then your statement would be true, but unless the said person him/herself is physically the “toaster”, it be false i say.

  5. For that to work you would have to start “Guns don’t kill people, bullets do!”

  6. It means people toast toast!

    1. Damn, forgot to refresh the page, Bluesoma beat me to it.

  7. El Duderino Avatar
    El Duderino

    Who actually kills people:

    1. Ah UHF, classic

  8. total BS…this stinks of anti-2A to me….comparing the actions of thinking, rational human beings to pieces of bread? not even close to being able to make their point if we are supposed to take it seriously.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Philosoraptor is a meme, it’s supposed to be dumb.

  9. KissMyWookie Avatar

    So using the anti-gun mob’s way of thinking, you can commit murder and get away with it?
    …”I didn’t kill him, then gun did your honor!” Case dismissed.

  10. you dont toast toast you toast bread

  11. what kind of retard wrote this?

  12. will make sense when guns are called killers and they change what toasts the toast from toast to people.