Bulletstorm Full Metal Jacket Parody With R. Lee Ermey

These are too good:

R. Lee Ermey will never have time to retire at the rate he’s going. It seems his in more commercials, and making more appearances now than ever!

The game looks like it might be a lot of fun.

You can buy Bulletstorm – HERE


5 responses to “Bulletstorm Full Metal Jacket Parody With R. Lee Ermey”

  1. TheMirage Avatar

    The gunny is the shit. I like to see him saying it for real and not censoring it.

  2. Totally buying this game!

  3. Scud Farkus Avatar
    Scud Farkus

    Totally NOT buying this game. There’s no way in hell that it will live up to the commercials. Gunny ROCKS!!!!!! And they other guy is kinda funny too.

  4. Gametrailers.com gave it an okay review but for 59.00 on a PC I’ll wait for Duke Nukem 4 ever or Crysis 2.

    1. Oh, and Gunny is da shit.