M60 Machine Gun With Shoulder Thing That Goes Up

Big thanks to N. Anderson for the Joke!

If you’re not familiar with the “shoulder thing that goes up” joke see HERE.


17 responses to “M60 Machine Gun With Shoulder Thing That Goes Up”

  1. That’s awesome. I want to buy a “shoulder thing that goes up” for every one of my guns!

    1. I think I heard someone say it’s called a “barrel shroud”

      1. uh…no…no it’s not :)

  2. My M1a has a “shoulder thing that goes up” too. That’s the only reason I bought it instead of an AK/AR. LOL

  3. I heard that glock is putting out a stock accessory..it’s got a thing that goes up and attaches to their RTF line of pistols. Wow! That with 30 round clips might get a little scary and may very well pass the m60 in deadliness.

  4. It’s no laughing matter. The “shoulder thing that goes up” actually increases the rate of fire because the weapon can now be fired from the hip, making it possible for the user to take out entire fields of children in seconds. Think of the children.

    Shoulder thing that goes up = hip fire. Remember.

  5. MichigammeDave Avatar

    Improper usage, CTone. In any reference to the hip in relation to firing, it is mandatory to use the term “spray fire.” As in, “…the weapon can now be used to spray fire from the hip… .” Alternative usage would include “…spray bullets from the hip,” and such references.
    I’m not really sure what it is about the hip that gets liberals’ panties in a bunch, but it sure is fun to watch them spin, ain’t it?

  6. Perhaps I am wrong, but I thought that the shoulder thing that goes up was only deadly when used in conjunction with a high capacity clip in a assault rifle like an AR-15…

  7. Great ‘shoulder thing’ reference!

  8. Derp.

  9. proud hipoint user Avatar
    proud hipoint user

    hmmm does it comes with heat seeking bullets with a high cap clip lol

  10. If I can only get a barrel shroud to flip up and rest on my shoulder, I would be invincible.

  11. IronKnight Avatar

    Let us not forget that that the M-249 has a shoulder-thing-that-goes-up, well at least the fixed stocks had them.

    I love the response “no it’s not.”

  12. hilarious

  13. Biersteker Avatar

    Actually the Barrel shroud isn’t the shoulder thing that goes up, it’s the thing that’s around the barrel to stop from being burned (e.g. the thing on the barrel of the M16) just goes to show that chick is dumb. *chick was not the word i wanted to use*

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      If you’re trying to educate me, you’ve come to the wrong place. “The shoulder thing” jokes are about shoulder things… we all know what a barrel shroud is.

      1. barrel shroud – cloth used to wrap a barrel prior to burial.
        (Note: see The Barrel Shroud of Utah, commonly believed to have the imprint of JMB’s face)