M1911A1 Pistol Knuckles

For those times when you need to punch-shoot an attacker:

Smart. That’s Colt really paying attention to the CQB needs of the average concealed and open carrier.

You might ask, “What’s wrong with pistol whipping?”… to that I say: punching with these knuckles puts a lot less stress on the internals, and also keeps you from muzzle sweeping yourself and others.  Plus, with these 1911 knuckles you can punch-shoot with great accuracy


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  1. I think stuff like this is beautiful… the fact that it shows it’s age just makes it more attractive to me.

    Oddly enough, though, it would be illegal to carry in Texas and could result in loosing the right to carry concealed among other things. Stupid laws make it legal for me to carry a concealed handgun, but carrying a club, “knuckles”, or a knife with both edges sharpened or longer than 5.5″ blade length is not permitted. There’s a whole list of illegal weapons that I can’t carry – more’s the pity.

    1. marine1967 Avatar

      That’s why Kentucky is a better choice, than Texas. We don’t have those kind of silly laws. We don’t nee a Concealed Permit to Open Carry. We can carry any knife we wish. Again, Kentucky is the #5 Gun Friendliest state, while Texas is #15

  2. Nathaniel Avatar

    Did you “Shopp” that yourself?

  3. Durham68 Avatar

    No way I’m punch-shooting without a beavertail.

  4. Somewhere, I’ve seen a pic of a Webley-type revolver with the same basic arrangement. Wish I could remember where.

  5. Not a very good photoshop job! But it get’s the point across just fine. And I’m not sure if that’d be considered “Brass Knuckles” or not in Minnesota. It’d be interesting to see an Arms manufacturer actually make something like that though.

    1. Marine1967 Avatar

      It is real

    2. Ricardo Avatar

      That’s not photoshop sunny.. that’s a gov issue model M1911A1..

    3. I can find an actual photo of one other than this “nice try ” photoshop version

  6. That is simply awesome. I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Aaron Geisler Avatar
    Aaron Geisler

    I don’t think the 1970s ANAD (Anniston Army Depot) 1911s were ever offered for sale to the public. I believe this is a stolen firearm.

  8. Not stolen, its a photoshop job. Think it was photoshop job from a calguns.net member, I remember the thread and saying it would be freakin awesome if possible, but knuckles of any sort are illegal in California.

  9. Aaron Geisler Avatar
    Aaron Geisler

    I know it is a photoshopped image, but it came from a real photo of a real 1911. Anniston rebuilt 1911s for the military in the 1970s long after you could purchase them from the DCM.

    1. SPC Fish Avatar

      your right. it must be stolen there are no other possible explanations for a guy being able to take a picture of a military weapon. Cameras werent invented then.

      yes im being sarcastic. this picture looks as if it were taken on a military style tarp or cover which means it was probably taken inside a military depot. this is most likely a stock photo. because yes the military does take pictures of their own guns for files and such

      1. SPC Fish Avatar

        and here is the original picture. there are plenty of pictures of ANAD 1911s. google search that shit


  10. This way you can aim down the sights when you throw a punch. Wouldn’t wanna miss.

  11. There’s a knuck-equipped 1911 shown on the cover art for the video of “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”. The knuck loops are partially hidden in Angelina Jolie’s garter, so in order to save y’all some time (ahem) searching for it, you can try looking on IMFDB:

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      That’s pretty cool. I forgot how many guns were in that movie, I might have to watch it again someday.

    2. That’s not a knuckle duster 1911… I don’t even think it’s a 1911… there are no loops, what you’re seeing is just the front end of the bottom of the grip/magazine… Look closer at it, and you’ll see that if it were a knuckle duster, the garter would be going THROUGH the loops, because of how close it is. It’s just a standard pistol.

  12. Antibubba Avatar

    That’s one way to reduce muzzle flip!

  13. Captain obvious Avatar
    Captain obvious

    Lol clearly photoshopped. Look at the background.

  14. Aaron Geisler Avatar
    Aaron Geisler

    Yes, the link pretty much confirms it was taken/stolen and recovered in Iraq.

  15. Kalar Walters Avatar
    Kalar Walters

    Where can I get one of these?

  16. Kalar Walters Avatar
    Kalar Walters

    Photoshopped or not, I want one like it. ;]

  17. Rusty Carr Avatar

    Is it just me or anyone else notice this thing is marked U.S. Property ??

  18. Chris Brosnahan Avatar
    Chris Brosnahan

    Needs to have a “skull-crusher”spike on the base of the grip.

  19. Chris Brosnahan Avatar
    Chris Brosnahan

    “US Property” indicates a surplus (C&R)firearm.

  20. Just want yo buy one

  21. Daija Avatar

    Want to buy one

  22. randall hanley Avatar
    randall hanley

    I would like to buy a 380 .for 100 .used

  23. randall hanley Avatar
    randall hanley

    I need help with a 380

  24. Ben franklin Avatar
    Ben franklin

    Oh I never saw one of these before. Looks good for a partner in crime.