How Big Is Call Of Duty?

Check out the infographic – HERE

Some impressive numbers… make sure to check it out, even if you don’t play the game you’ll appreciate it’s popularity.


6 responses to “How Big Is Call Of Duty?”

  1. In game there is a scroll bar that tells you some of the stats for the game. How many miles of crossbow bolts fired by everyone, kills and percent to the worlds population, shots fired, etc. Its pretty impressive.

    1. The ticker has some mind blowing facts. Two I remember recently were collectively, the players have run around the world 4,600 times, and that 200,000 metric tons of frag grenades have been thrown.

  2. I play it on Wii……… its great!

  3. And thus, Youtube videos comments involving firearms continue to be plagued by, “experts,” of all ages whose only exposure to real weapons their entire lives is from this particular series.

  4. Chris-

    Actually, the biggest cache of weapon vids on YouTube belongs to the airsoft ninjas.

    BTW – I linked to this on my blog:

  5. Perturbo Avatar

    Is a pity that Infinity Ward will not be doing any more of the Modern Warfare stuff.