Police Training In Brazil – Pepper Spray And Taser Parties

Ever wanted to see 16 police recruits get pepper sprayed back to back?

Or 5 grown men get tasered simultaneously and sing like little girls?

As one of the comments on YouTube says.. “Press 5 over and over to hear an angel choir”. haha :P


4 responses to “Police Training In Brazil – Pepper Spray And Taser Parties”

  1. who would want to be a cop in brazil lol that place is insane

  2. Sarcasticshrub Avatar

    Nothing unusual here. If you, as a LEO, are going to carry pepper spray and a Taser, you WILL take the electric ‘ride’ and get a face full of tasty pepper spray. Neither is much fun but it does give you the opportunity to know what it feels like to be on the receiving end.

  3. FlamenguistaAmericana Avatar

    Cops in Brasil are grossly underpaid and undertrained cowboys. I lived in the biggest inland city (Campinas, 2M pop) and when there was a pursuit or any code 3 moment you’d often see an unmarked car (beat up fiat without mods or good maintenance) recklessly flying through favelas or neighborhood streets (paved and/or dirt) and for some stupid reason they hold guns out their windows. Looks like a friggen circus car packed full of gun toting (taurus POS guns) clowns. At bus terminals they walk around acting like they’re badasses with sloppy uniforms, zero command presence, and no discipline or professionalism (not even mentioning their corruptibility). The average cop is about as effective as a mailman being a cop. Of course there’s the death squads who get tired of repeat offenders and just take you out somewhere and gank you. O policial brasileiro são fubecas cheirosas!

  4. Muito se engana meu amigo Flamenguista.
    Sou policial da divisao de Elite da Policia Civil do Paraná, do Tatico Integrado de Grupos de Repressao Especial, vulgo T.I.G.R.E.
    A maioria dos policiais CONVENCIONAIS, sao mal preparados. Entao, nao generalize.
    E o fato transcrito pelo senhor, dos policiais andar com as armas para fora da viatura, é uma coisa aprendida na academia chamada de IN BOOST. um tipo de abordagem para impor respeito e moral aos transgressores.
    Entao meu amigo, se informe mais, nao generalize, e tenha orgulho, pois te garanto que nesse pais ah varios policiais que dariam a vida para salvar sua bunda.

    U are making a mistake my friend Flamenguista.
    Im a cop from the elite unit of the Civil Police of Paraná, from the T.I.G.R.E group.
    Most of CONVENTIONAL cops are unprepared. So, Dont generalize.
    The fact that u wrote, the cops with the guns off the window of the car, its a technique learned on the police school. its called IN BOOST. kind of a way to put respect on the suspect.
    So, my friend, u should get better informed, and dont generalize, and have proud of the police of your country. cuz many of them will give their live to save your ass.