Brian Aitken Will Be Spending Christmas At Home

Good news for the Colorado man convicted of illegally possessing two handguns in New Jersey.

Gov. Chris Christie commuted Aitken’s sentence, from seven years to time served, according to an order the governor signed today. (Source)

Glad to see common sense prevailed.

Full story of the Brian Aitken debacle – HERE


6 responses to “Brian Aitken Will Be Spending Christmas At Home”

  1. He’s out of jail now, that is good but does he get his guns back? Can he buy more? If not, than this story is not nearly has happy as some might think…

  2. Agreed, TSN4…a pardon might still be desirable…but this is a HUGE improvement in this guy’s condition.

  3. +1. A pardon would be the way to go, but this is definitely a start.

  4. I hope that this doesn’t preclude the restoration of his gun rights. A lot of prominent people in the gun community, like Tom Gresham, have been exhorting us to write to Gov. Christie.
    Perhaps a “thank you” note to him would be a good idea, too??

  5. Commuted sentence, but still a felon for following the law to the letter? Still stinks, just not as bad. Maybe the gov is hoping that now the issue will just go away.

  6. Hope he gets his rights back. At least he will be with his family this Christmas.