Ruggedly Stylish SHTF Zombie Proof Shelter

The armored shelter is made from old steel plates recuperated from demolished boats together with other leftover material from our current society.

The material due to its previous life is crooked, damaged and irregular. There is no straight edge to be constructed from these disastrous supplies.

I wouldn’t want that as my primary zombie SHTF shelter but it would make a great entrance to the primary. I’d be pretty anal about the bad welds if it wasn’t for the fact it was made from salvaged material.

Hat Tip: Dezeen


14 responses to “Ruggedly Stylish SHTF Zombie Proof Shelter”

  1. I work at a steel mill that makes steel coils (plate steel) up to 1/2″ thick or so….I’m sure I could make a better shelter than that easily. There is another steel mill a mile away that makes I-beams, so I’m good to go come the zombie invasion…

  2. Ever see Cool Hand Luke?… It would be useless where I live for at least half the year. I live in Texas, and that would be an oven from June into October, unless you buried it in the ground like a bomb shelter where the sun couldn’t hit it. I’ve had to be inside those steel shipping containers that look sorta like this, in the summer, and Cripes its uncomfortable! Might not get eaten, but one would die of heat stress pretty quickly.

  3. The armored shelter is made from old steel plates recuperated from demolished boats…

    I think the use of the word “recuperated” in that context is going to knock you down .001% in your “advanced” reader level stat. :) Reclaimed or recovered, maybe?

  4. Sean Casey Avatar

    It’s an ok concept but there’d be better makes with available structures and materials. Fire Service watch tower? Water tower? Something higher up, pre-exisitng, winch up some plates, rebar, etc., stick welder or oxy/gas mix, weld away.

  5. What do you eat or drink in there? I’ve watched some Bear Grylls and still am not convinced drinking my own urine is a good idea. More importantly, where does that toilet go?

  6. Throw a Brigs and Stratton in there, add a couple wheels and a turret. you have your own BMP

  7. I’m thinking it’ll turn into one hell of a deafening drum when the zombies start pounding on it for your brains.

  8. I wonder where they got the zombies from to back up their claim of zombie proof…

  9. Is that a chimney? Hole to raise periscope? Where are the shooting holes on the sides?

  10. Zenigata Avatar

    It looks like a nice idea. With some tools and scrap metal hanging around, you can make a nice shelter like this. The problem is that it isn’t very practical for long term survival against the living dead. First problem is that the only way to leave this shelter would be through the front door. If zombies surround the shelter, you’re trapped. So that means that you need to live long enough for the zombies to rot away which could take weeks, months, years or never. Sadly this shelter is small and even if only one person was there with a stockpile of food and water, that person would only last a year or two. But then there’s more problems. How will you properly dispose of the waste that your body will produce? How will you be able to deal with the psychological warfare the zombies will wage against you as the banging of hands on the metal walls vibrates you awake throughout the siege?

    For me, this kind of shelter looks like something you would stay in as a last resort when the zombies have broken through all your defenses. But as a bad a$$ entrance to a bunker under a hill or small mountain… Yes that would be awesome.

    1. richard Avatar

      last resort for the young, old and injured they know if the shufflers come knocking everybody is dead and its time to pull the pin on the last grenade there would be no survivors in this tin box after that.

  11. I like it! At least some one did something with stuff they had instead of trashing it. Good idea and a good follow thru on the job. Its one of those ideas where you didnt follow someone elses lead. You plowed your own path. And if more people would do that, who knows what we could come up with. 2 thimbs up to you and 2 big middle digits to anyone trashing your idea!

  12. richard Avatar

    if you are cutting these sheets out of big ships why not just isolate corridor or bulkhead areas with water tight doors already fitted seems like a better starting point at least…x

  13. happy camper Avatar
    happy camper

    If I wanted to get you out I would build a big fire around it.
    if I wanted to keep you in I would pile stuff against the door.