Every Zombie Kill In “The Walking Dead”

Consists of 42 death shots with 37 edit/cuts:

Oh poorly done CGI blood and muzzle flash… how I hate you.

Hopefully the undead body count in season 2 will be many times that.

Overall I was fairly happy with season 1… I’d recommend it to anyone that wants to kill some time on a show.

  • If you don’t have a way to watch it for free, you can check it out online for a couple bucks per episode:

Season 1 – High Definition (HD) – HERE

Season 1 – Standard Definition (SD) – HERE


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  1. If I remember correctly what I read, the blood effects from the headshots weren’t actually CGI. PopularMechanics interviewed the producer of the series who was in charge of special effects about how they did the headshots. It was actually a pretty interesting article, but a short excerpt is:

    “A tube of blood and brains is attached to the back of the zombie actor’s neck, and the tube is connected to a bellows. A stomp on the bellows forces air through the tube, blowing out the blood and other material in a crimson spray.”

    You could search their website for the actual article. I don’t wanna post the link to pull people away from here, but it’s out there. Sorry if I sound like a jerk, just thought it’d be interesting to mention.

    And back on-topic, I was a big fan of season 1. I can’t wait for season 2 to start.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Hmm really? The headshots look incredibly fake at 00:18, 00:53, 1:00 (to name a few) so I find that hard to believe unless they shot it somewhere with less gravity than earth. :P

      Post that article if you have it handy though.. i’d like to read it!

  2. that edit reminds me of playing some video games

  3. is the last one considered a kill cus it was just decapitation

  4. What is it with CGI muzzle flash lately? Did all the Action TV producers see FreddieW’s Youtube videos and go “Hey wait a minute!” Did blanks suddenly double in price?

    I’m all for saving a few bucks, but ffs, at least make it look good. I noticed this on NCIS:LA the other day…it looked like they’d added the muzzle flash with MS Paint…

  5. I believe the article you are looking for is from Popular Mechanics. It’s titled ‘Anatomy of the Perfect (Undead) Headshot’.


    1. Yup. That is exactly what I had read. It’s actually kind of an interesting read no matter how you look at it. But that talks about all the stuff they used for the gunshots as well as the headshots and blood effects. I woulda posted it earlier but I wasn’t sure if anyone would get upset about it. I know more than a few sites that would have a problem with me doing that.

      1. I understand completely; but after Mike asked for it I figured it was OK. ;)

  6. *sigh* I just want to know when TV series got the stupid-assed ideas of these half-assed “seasons”…

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      haha yea 6 episodes wtf? Even at 1 hour each, I agree that is pretty weak.

  7. The tank scene was all wrong. The M1 series doesn’t have a crap hatch like the M60 did.

    It never made sense how zombies could harm a tank crew – certainly not before they ran out of ammo and fuel.

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  9. I was hoping for some more…