Sarah Palin – Outdoorswoman Fraud

From her TLC show ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’:

Sarah Palin: “Hey dad, does it kick?” :roll:  Besides that, its pretty obvious she has little to no experience with guns.  Terrible trigger discipline, doesn’t know how to load the rifle, chamber a round etc…

Also, what a courteous caribou to wait around like that. With the first rifle she took around 6 shots, then one of the other guys said something about how the gun must be off so she should try the other gun because it is dead on (heh.. right…. the gun was off).

What an embarrassment. I think this show is doing more to hurt her political career and whatever credibility she might have had, than it is helping it.

It’s a real shame they didn’t let her scope herself on national TV for some LOLz.

The TV show’s website – HERE (if you’re looking for more random stuff to roll your eyes at)

A funny animated gif of her with a shotgun from a previous episode – HERE


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  1. I really wish people didn’t know she claims to be from Alaska. Being from real Alaska, I must say that the Mat-Su Valley (where she lives in Wasilla) is frequently referred to as North Seattle. Besides all that, she is a quitter. She quit her term as AK governor and real Alaskans don’t like quitters. This is one Alaskan that won’t vote for her. I’d vote none of the above before casting a ballot for her.

  2. She’s a politician. Same as any other. A few weeks out of the year they argue about what’s best for everyone else, then the rest of the year they try to impress us so we vote for them. Good thing her dad was there to work the bolt for her. God forbid she might have broke a nail closing it.

  3. I agree with Ed. Politics takes up a lot of a person’s life, and the consequence is that politics tends to be all that politicians are good at. The least she could have done, though, was get a little training in advance. Can’t even cycle the action? How lame.

  4. Maybe its the camera angle, but to shoot at an animal sitting at the crest of a hill like that? One of the golden hunter safety rules isn’t it?

  5. Did not know this blog was run by democrats….

    1. Would you enlighten us on the basis for this opinion. Are you suggesting because some have stated she’s a politician and that the won’t vote for her that they are now qualified as Democrats? I would say anyone who thinks for themselves and isn’t caught up in the glamor of politics might be the very opposite of a Democrat. There isn’t a better descriptor of a Democrat’s ability to make educated decision than blind adherence to a point of view. Clearly Wes, Ed and 032125 all have stated their opinions and why they have said opinions; would you explain your opinion?

      I agree with Keith’s point. Ethical hunters don’t shoot along a ridge line or shoot ever when you can’t see what is beyond the target. But maybe they knew what was there and we just couldn’t see from the camera’s point of view.

      The show is on TLC so it is going to be crap no mater who it features. I’ve started to watch several show and got maybe a full season in before switching to something else. I finally gave up and canceled cable a couple of years back. It was cutting in to my shooting time.

    2. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      It’s run buy a person who doesn’t like fabricated bullshit. Both sides do it, which I consider myself nonpartisan.

    3. What Nye means is that anything other than Palin Worship means someone is a liberal. Just a heads-up, Nye: Palin is not the demi-godess of all things right in this country.

      Why is it that most gunbloggers love Palin? Because she is important and has had her picture taken with guns, and we can feel enfranchised and important too, living vicariously, through her? What a sham.
      Why can’t all freedom lovers in this country stand up and demand representatives (NOT politicians) that actually understand the Constitution and have the character and morality to do the hard job of serving civil society?

    4. Jeremiah Avatar

      *Resists urge to feed the troll*

  6. I am another Alaskan that does not like quitters. I’ve heard her make many statements that were clearly intended to make people think she was a hunter. I see now she was lying. Anyone show has ever hunted anything that does not have wings would know how to cycle the bolt on a rifle like that.

    Can’t believe she said she was “Proud” at the end. Embarrassing.

  7. 7.62x54r Avatar

    Was this a canned hunt, because that Caribou was REALLY docile. No hunter with any sort of pride or ethics takes part in a canned hunt!

  8. Fairly certain that that caribou is digitally added in. Look at the killshot and zoom around 2:14, where did they get that downscope view? Doesn’t look like a digital scope to me. The animal looks totally unnatural too.

    Whatever one they have on the ground later the guide probably killed.

  9. snoopycomputer Avatar

    I would agree that this segment is highly edited. Compare 0:47 and 1:50 how the animal raises its head. Let 0:47 play, put your finger on his head when he raises it up. Now look under your hand and ffw to the 1:50 mark. Let it play, does your finger cover the same spot? It looks like either: 1)the same footage, or 2)the shot at 1:50 of the animal’s movement and the cameraman’s framing matches 0:47 pretty dern exactly.
    One could make the case that then entire segment was “holywood-ed” and shot before an animal was in sight, or after the fact. Was Palin, rifle and animal ever in the same frame?
    I would guess 2:12 is not video from the scope, just post-production “crosshairs” for effect, just like 0:15 wasn’t recorded through binoculars.
    At 2:19 – I know he’d be down, but where exactly IS the animal?
    1:16 – she’s kinda runnin the bolt herself. Maybe their technique is some sort of Pain family tag team bolt running to promote togetherness and a sense of teamwork? Maybe dad’s got Buck Fever, Sarah doesn’t, and “Lil Sarah just ain’t runnin that bolt fast enough!”

    Maybe what really happened wasn’t dramatic enough? (ex: 3 of them spot animal, Palin fires one quick offhand shot, nails him) So instead, TLC has them act through a 5-shot “can’t shoot it right” ordeal to fill in dead space? Reality shows are all about making real life more interesting than it is.

    With as many questions as we all have, “Reality TV” doesn’t seem to be the best method of capturing reality.

  10. i could’ve have lobbed a .45 into it by the time she “hit” it.

    p.s. i love the scope camera shot of it getting it hahaha that was totally the intern’s time to shine

  11. Fishing doesn’t qualify as outdoorsman/woman activity? ;)

  12. I’ve never hunted caribou but I’ve talked with many people who have and having those guys just stand there after you shoot at them and miss is pretty common. They are not the sharpest tools in the shed if you get my drift.

  13. haha she is garbage.. i love the shot of the camera with crosshairs .. like she has a cam scope

  14. As a non outdoorsperson (PC enough?) that first shot looked like something out of a cartoon. Almost like the critter was mocking her. I would think it would pretty much be the norm that any reasonably attractive woman would not be doing a lot of hunting once puberty hit.

    Sideways question; is this “quitter” thing an Alaska thing? I can see it being applied if there were some tough stuff coming her direction and she quit to avoid it, but it looks to me like she just quit one job for another.

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