Mythbusters Shooting The Green Hornet Car With SMGs

To match a scene in the movie where the car gets shot, then cut in half by an elevator:

Kind of useless, but the slow motion footage was cool. Slow motion footage is always cool though…

Interesting grip Tory has on the H&K UMP (see pic on left)… is that something people do? I’d hold a beer that way, but not a gun. *shrug*


8 responses to “Mythbusters Shooting The Green Hornet Car With SMGs”

  1. Bob rotund Avatar
    Bob rotund

    I think that he was using that grip to brace against the plexiglass protection.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Yea upon watching it again, I can see you’re right. Thanks!

  2. I’ll second what Bob wrote. From that screenshot it looks like he’s bracing against something and while it might not be a spot-on picture from a Jeff Cooper instruction manual, it’s still in the ballpark for such a situation.

  3. Sean Casey Avatar
    Sean Casey

    I’ll come strolling along and give it a third. All in favor?

    I recall learning a method similar in nature for use with the MP5 variants in a short weapons SMG/room clearing sort of exercise in The Corps in ’92 or so.

  4. Tory had some nice groupings – anyone noticed? That is probably due to bracing….

    Still those guys had some nice fun. How come Grant has a Tommy with open sights? No one had an .45 chambered AR for him?

    1. I was thinking that too… thats kinda… old school…. =P

  5. Ill 4th that, I have seen braced shooting in mulitple carbine courses I have taken.

  6. Perturbo Avatar

    Fifth: about the bracing, I will point out that I did not see him shoot that way in the video.