The Walking Dead – S01E03

I hope this was just a “plot transition” episode, because it was boring as hell. I won’t say anything more because I don’t want to spoil the snooze fest.

If you forgot to set the DVR and you want to see it, you can always watch it online for a couple bucks:

Episode 3 – Tell It To The Frogs

  • Standard Definition (SD) – HERE
  • High Definition (HD) – HERE


7 responses to “The Walking Dead – S01E03”

    Desperate Zombie Survivor Wives episode.
    And the show is becoming way too predictable.
    Fast Forward was the best way to see it.

  2. yeah, thanks a lot for telling me it was boring. Even if it was boring I could have had the joy of looking forward to it; now I have nothing.

  3. The ending was the best the part.

    Seriously, it’s AMC “Story Matters Here”.
    I’m a bit tired of story though and want to see more zombies being shot.

  4. Jimbo, you have saved yourself an hour. :)

  5. Old Windways Avatar
    Old Windways

    While this week’s episode was a bit of a snorer, at least it looks like they put everything in place for a solid E04. If they fail to deliver on that though, I’m seriously considering deletion of the season pass.

  6. Aleksandr Mravinsky Avatar
    Aleksandr Mravinsky

    They definitely set themselves up for a good S01E04.

    Although, I do have one little quibble with S01E03. I guess I should do the obligatory spoiler warning first;


    His hand? Really, Merle had to saw through his hand? He had a bloody hacksaw, I think that sawing through the handcuffs would be easier, much less less painful. I guess generic redneck skinhead doesn’t have much brains, has he?

  7. Handcuffs were too tough. That rebar to which it was attached……not so much. Stupid redneck.