Realistically Painted NERF Guns member steve2071 takes a NERF Vulcan from this:

To this:

Priceless. If I had that kind of painting skillz i’d do up a bunch like this just to hang on the wall.

It appears that other ARFcommers dabble as well. This is the collection of member basp2005:



6 responses to “Realistically Painted NERF Guns”

  1. That is awesome. I kind of wanted one of those Nerf guns before. Now that I see what is possible I really want one….

  2. I did the exact same thing to my Vulcan…

    …but his “wear” paint is a lot better than mine… I didn’t have any painting stuff, so I just dipped a metal file in some silver paint and scraped/painted the edges.

  3. “You’re a Devastator now, brother.”

    1. The first game was so much better, hahaha

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