Quickest 75 Round AK-47 Drum Magazine Dump – Extreme FAIL

Well that’s embarrassing…


8 responses to “Quickest 75 Round AK-47 Drum Magazine Dump – Extreme FAIL”

  1. Ha! They are right, though. Humiliation does look better in slo-motion :)

    I’ve had an AK drum magazine on my “to buy” list for a long time. Keeps getting bumped down on the list for one reason or another. Hopefully I’ll have a little better luck with mine when I get around to buying one.

  2. It almost looks like to me that they MADE that clear cover and specifically set it up for it to fail.

    If so, then this would be a FAIL FAIL?

    Irony I love you.

  3. Nice, safe shooting environment…




    1. That’s what I was thinking too…
      Interesting front grip method too.

    2. I agree. Waiting for some old grizzled dude to step out of the trailer down range, looking to see who was making all that racket.

    3. Looks to me like they’re just shooting in their own back yard, aiming down at a target set up near that old shed/garage/whatever it is in the background.

  4. The clear cover wasn’t latched closed. The moment the round is fired you can see the hinge that’s not clipped swing back.

    1. me.not.you.duh Avatar

      yeap, the only thing that failed here are dudes who filmed it