Sarah Connor’s Terminator 2 1911 For Sale

Probably the most expensive 1911 you’ll ever find…

(Except for those tricked out Mexican drug dealer guns)

The gun is a Detonics Speedmaster 45, that was custom made to competition specs at the request of Tom Selleck for a prior film. We also have the original rental invoice from Stembridge Gun Rentals to T-2 Productions, Inc., two COAs from Stembridge, and the original Detonics box. This was the only gun of this style rented to the production.

More info and pictures – HERE

I wish my .45 made fireballs like that! hehe

Terminator 2 was such an awesome film… I gotta watch it again sometime.


6 responses to “Sarah Connor’s Terminator 2 1911 For Sale”

  1. Comp spec and no barrel crown?

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      good point. That sure does look dumb without a barrel crown.

  2. The Selleck movie the article mentions was “Runaway”, also featuring Gene Simmons as the bad guy.
    The gun can be seen here, in this still from IMFDB:

    Of course, it’s worth more as “Sarah Connor’s Terminator 2” gun, than “Tom Selleck’s Runaway” gun. :)


    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Awesome find DocN!

  3. Is this the one Jason DeBord purchased in 2007 at Stembridge for $3,500?