Packing The Slide On A Handgun

The picture is a joke in reference to the How To Get Shot In The Crotch – The Pistol Disarm post.


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  1. LOL you’re such an asshole! :)

  2. THAT, my friend, is priceless. In fact, the pic looks so legit I almost missed it. I think I might just frame it. LMAO!


    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      You’re a good sport Master Jeff. I appreciate you coming to the blog and answering peoples questions and responding to their comments.

      I hope you continue to visit too!

      1. Thanks Admin Mike. Your kind words mean the world to me. That pic you created was so funny I nearly wet my drawers. That damn magnifying glass looks so legit, so “Info-mercial,” like it’s advertising something a little “iffy,” which it is!

        I will continue to visit here. I’ve learned a lot. I will make a new and improved video, complete with the CORRECT TERMINOLOGY and disclaimers addressing risk, timing, “what happens next,” etc. One thing I thought of this morning is that, if you don’t know how to handle a gun, what good will a gun disarm do you? Where’s the safety? How do you rack it if it’s not already? Do you have the cajones to actually shoot someone? You take it from a bad guy and…. if you can’t use it or your own gun on him he’s just going to take it back from you – a whole lot more PO’d than he was when this thing started. I have also learned a valuable lesson about doing things in a rush. I was so excited about getting a little “air time” that I failed to consider a lot of important issues. From now on, if someone needs an answer now, the answer is NO!

        Last and most important, I’m never one to turn away gun safety advice. I have a 3 year old and 1 year old at home. I’m constantly on edge, constantly checking my habits, constantly alert for somebody to say “Man, you’re getting too comfortable with those things.” I never deny. My answer is always “got it” and I consider, analyze and tighten up, no argument. Better that than a funeral with a miniature casket.

        Thanks again, God bless and keep up the great site.

  3. I very much enjoyed your recent publication demonstrating how to pack my slide, complete with a clear photo illustrating how to do so with maximum efficiency. I’m a big believer in packing my slide, so this was something to which I could whole-heartedly relate. I feel there was some important information missing, however, which lead to a few complications at the airport. While extremely frustrating, I chose to breathe, calm down, and transform the incident into a “teachable moment.”

    Here is what I learned:

    * When flying, you should not only pack your slide, but be sure to CHECK that bag and NOTIFY AIRPORT OFFICIALS BY ASKING FOR A DECLARATION FORM! Do not just walk up and say “I have a gun.”

    * Don’t take your “slide bag” through security screening expecting to carry it on the plane.

    * If you do try to carry your “slide bag” through security screening expecting to carry it on the plane, and they discover your slide in the x-ray machine, and they totally freak the hell out on you, just lay on the ground. Don’t try and schmooz them with a winning smile and kind words. Just… lay on the ground.

    * Referring to security personnel as “dude” and “bro” does not warm them up. Curiously, these endearing colloquialisms actually seemed to have the opposite effect.

    * Never make comments like “Oh come on.. it’s not like it’s a BOMB.”

    * It is difficult if not impossible to execute a pistol disarm on two special agents at once. If you do try it, wear a protective cup. Trust me on this.

    * Tasers hurt like hell. Do not try to disarm a taser.

    * If you decide to try and disarm a taser, don’t do it near a table or other hard objects against which you may fall when you go down shaking like a dog crapping a peach seed.

    * Airport security canines do not wag their tails when you say “come ‘ere boy” in baby talk and make the dog-call kissing sounds. They bite. They don’t let go.

    * It is difficult if not impossible to perform a weapon disarm in handcuffs. Again wear a protective cup if you’re going to attempt this.

    * Karate kicks are extremely difficult if not impossible to perform when wearing leg irons.

    * What did seem to warm the officers up was asking for my slide back at the end of the ordeal. They laughed and laughed. They did not, however, return my slide. Interesting. But at least in the end, it seems I’d made some new friends.

    I hope this helps.



  4. I like how MasterJeff just doesn’t get it yet. However, I have started packing my slid and really think it helps. I also enjoy it. LOL!

  5. Glad somebody enjoyed that! Enlightenment is when you get that you just don’t get it and that you never will. That’s good for me, because I get it… I mean, I get that I don’t get it. I am a dumb blonde, so every day is fascinating to me. I don’t mind looking like an ass because, in my humble opinion, emotional and physical risk are required in order to make real progress. I am fascinated with that which is considered impossible. Hmph. Impossible is just another level of difficult. I’ll try anything once, twice if it’s fun. I hope God let’s me watch over the doctor’s shoulder at my autopsy. They’ll probably determine cause of death to be “hit by a bus.” I’ve got a permanently dislocated shoulder, two torn ACL’s, most of my toes no longer bend, eye ball scar from a snake bite (Yes, I’m serious) enough stitch marks to star in a Frankenstein movie, 3 fake teeth and a whole lot of just plane old ugly. All that and I’m only 47. I wouldn’t trade any of what I’ve lost, including my pride, for what I’ve gained in the process. I’ll probably die from a broken neck or knife or gunshot wound, bleeding out lying there on my mat – but I’ll have a smile on my face (Damn. Almost got it). I’m sure my last words will be:

    “Watch this.”