Jumpmaster Fail Puts Them In The Trees

haha those guys are gonna be pissed! Hopefully they are all OK.


5 responses to “Jumpmaster Fail Puts Them In The Trees”

  1. Yeah this happened to my stick at night, with unpleasant results. The Capt. at the front of the stick broke both of her legs, and one guy had a branch go through his cheek. I didn’t even know we were over the trees until I was below the treeline. 0 time to slip away.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      ouch, that’s no good!

  2. cnav guy Avatar

    LOL, I’m deployed at the moment but am stationed there. This has happened a few times before. A nice long flight in just to be dropped in the trees.

  3. different cnav guy Avatar
    different cnav guy

    I was there and it’s not the jumpmaster’s fault. As soon as the first couple of guys started jumping the wind kicked up and blew them all over the place. It was so bad that some of them were blown right off base property and onto public roads and people’s houses.

  4. Yeah, not the JM’s fault. If anybody’s fault it would be the Pathfinder or USAF CCT guys on the ground. But if it was a sudden wind change once the jump was in progress, nothing much to be done about it unless the Pathfinder/CCT team notices quickly enough and can radio to stop the jump…which is unlikely.