Staple Gun Zip Gun In .22LR

I imagine this would work pretty well at close range.  I wonder if the cartridges can be loaded into the magazine where the staples used to go? Having it feed semi-automatically would be impressive.

Unfortunately it looks pretty dangerous.  It’s probably good that the maker of this didn’t have the “go big or go home” mentality and make a .50 BMG one.


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  1. I wonder if there was a Form 1 involved and if not just how the person who made it is doing in the penitentiary. Still, it’s cool and I might do one if I had an extra $200 laying around for the tax stamp.

  2. I just thought of something else – it needs one of those oil filter suppressors!

  3. Alexander Shaw Avatar
    Alexander Shaw

    I’d take a guess and say an inmate made it. Looks like you rotate the barrel down and replace the shell after every shot.

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  6. dustydog Avatar

    I believe the courts have ruled that criminals are exempt from filing their federal paperwork, on the grounds that it violates the 5th amendment protection against self-incrimination.

    Paperwork is just for the law-abiding.

  7. Sigivald Avatar

    Dusty: They can’t be required to register a gun, yes (because it’d be self-incriminating – see Haynes v. United States, 390 US 85).

    But that doesn’t mean they can’t be charged and prosecuted for possession while a felon; just not for not self-incriminating with the paperwork.

    (IE, Felon Bob can’t be charged for “not registering” or “not filling out the tax forms for manufacturing”, since doing so would be an admission of criminal activity and thus self-incrimination, which cannot be compelled.

    He can be charged with possession or manufacture in violation of the law, however.)

    1. Lonnie Avatar

      It isn’t illegal to make a firearm for your own use

  8. SPC Fish Avatar

    why would there be a form one involved? a form one is for NFA only. and you are allowed to make your own guns so as long as it is not considered NFA and you dont make it just to sell it. i even made a 20ga single shot out of an old paintball gun. not the most practical thing in the world but i was bored

  9. @SPC Fish: I hope u used a rifled barrel (or one of legal length) or you’ll be the one in the penitentiary ;)

    1. SPC Fish Avatar

      like i said. as long as it does not qualify as an NFA firearm, you are ok. yes the barrel is 18 inches

  10. Sendarius Avatar

    What is illegal about it?

    Short Barrelled Rifle requiring tax stamp – no.
    Fully Automatic requiring tax stamp – no.
    Destructive Device (>.50″) requiring tax stamp – no.
    Less than minimum length for long arm – no.

    Unless the maker sold it, or was a prohibited person, I can’t see a problem.

    Am I missing something?

  11. If im not mistaken in the guidelines stating what requires a form 1 there is something said about zip guns, but thats just from vague memories of having read it almost a year ago.

    1. SPC Fish Avatar

      a zip gun is a term used for a pen gun. a single shot firearm usually with a screw on barrel that must be removed to reload. since this gun vaguely resembles a firearm (it has a grip and barrel and trigger) then it does not qualify as an AOW. “zip guns” are classified as AOWs

  12. Thanks for clarifying, fish.

    1. SPC Fish Avatar

      yeah no problem. thats what im here for

  13. Conductor Avatar

    Not so fast, Boys. Unless that thing has a rifled bore, it’s considered an AOW, and needs an approved Form 1 and a $200 tax stamp to manufacture it.

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  15. Hey, I made a zip gun from and old Singer sewing machine…..