Ladies Concealed Carry Holster Options For Different Outfits

Using the Ruger LCR, she gives the ladies an overview of their options, and the problems they might run into:

Always good to see a girl comfortable enough with guns to make such a video, and actually put so much thought into carrying . I’m sure videos like this really do wonders for other girls looking to get into CC’ing because it gives them something to relate to.  


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  1. I say!

  2. Drawing out of a thigh holster in shorts looks just crazy :D :D

  3. I’ve found my future wife.

  4. Great information in a male dominated topic it’s really refreshing to see a woman take it seriously enough to put this together.

  5. I saw this the other day and think she does a wonderful job demonstrating that carrying a gun isn’t just for a man. Those Michigan girls sure are cool.

  6. Aww… it’s marked as ‘Private’ now…

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      It’s public again.

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  8. Hey! just wanted to let you know that I deleted that vid and uploaded a new revised version –

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      Admin (Mike)

      Thanks for letting me know Falia. I updated the link. Keep up the great work.